Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary staircase? These designs will make your stairs the centerpiece of your home in the USA.

Top Stairs ideas from USA Designers.

1. Tantalizing timber

Antique Floors makes handcrafted timber flooring and staircases from recycled Australian hardwoods and French oak. The thicknesses of this staircase’s floating treads is the key aesthetic in this design, complemented by the metal thread screen and crisp, white walls.

2. Merry-go-round. Spiral stairs designs.

Who said spiral staircases were a thing of the past? In this Andrew Maynard design, the staircase is the centerpiece in the family living area. The metal structure adds to the industrial feel of the space and the black high-gloss finish ties in with the kitchen, creating a dramatic special composition.

3. Center stage

This extravagant three-store staircase in the penthouse apartment of the Stamford Residences bridges the gap between all levels of the residence. Interior designer Thomas Hamel accentuated the smooth, curved lines of the staircase with a 6.7m-long chandelier from Zia Priven.

4. FAB facade

The black and white contrasting aesthetic of this staircase, combined with the full use of the natural light, creates a bright and captivating masterpiece. Since 1920, Slattern & Acquire Stairs’ philosophy has been to create high-quality, beautiful stairs that do more than just link the levels of a building.

5. Alternative treasure

In a renovation by Riddle Architecture in the Queensland suburb of Shoreline, a third store was added to the per-existing 1940s beach house. While not only allowing access to the top floor, the alternating tread staircase provides an artistic aesthetic, as interesting shadows are cast across the space from the windows behind.

6. Modern magic

Design from the United States MOD20 combines semi-cantilevered treads in spotted gum and pine with machined risers to create an interesting aesthetic as you look up the staircase. A shadow-line shows where the tread meets the riser and the toughened glass panels provide a safety screen without obstructing this unique visual.

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