Green color in the living room interior helps to escape from the boredom and fill your home with the aroma of morning summer greens. Unfortunately, green shades that can be rarely found in the room design and in vain. US psychologists believe that green hues evoke positive emotions and have a calming effect. It should be noted that the green living room is quite a bold decision, because there is a danger to go too far or use the wrong shade.

Features of the green color scheme design.

In order to create a truly cozy oasis in your living room, you have to take into account some features of the green color scheme design:

  • Green decorating in a large living room may be present only in a few focusing attention interior elements. It is appropriate to make active use of green accessories and furniture, while walls and flooring have nice light shades;
  • A green living room in small urban apartments looks very appropriate, because it sets the tone of the entire home, making its atmosphere more lively and fresh.
  • Olive green hues are perfect for a living room, because they create strong feeling of the refined nobility. Walls covered with olive wallpaper of a complex texture look especially attractive.
  • It is possible to get a high-quality and respectable interior with the atmosphere of reliability and prosperity, using a combination of green with all natural wood shades.
  • If you combine green with a matte white or pale gray, you can get a soft and spacious living room.
  • Green is in harmony with sea green. Such a fresh mix gives feeling of coolness and relaxation. US designers often decorate the ceiling in blue and walls in green shades. This living room looks very picturesque.
  • Yellow and green colors in a duet fill the room with bright sunlight, which will caress in winter and summer time. This place looks gentle and cheerful.
  • Lime color is suited for the creative mind. Walls painted in the bright lime shade look very stylish.

Green transformation of the living room.

Try to refresh the room atmosphere with a simple, but effective way – curtains and new upholstery replacement. A conspicuous green couch in the interior will be the center of attention.

If a living room is small and not very light, pay attention to diluted mint shades, you can choose saturated colors of deep emerald to make a room more spacious. Couch cushions need not be of the same color as the seat upholstery.

Dark green massive curtains would look perfect in a living room with a large area and high ceilings. It will be appropriate to choose pistachio, mint, coniferous shades of more subtle and translucent fabrics in a small room.

A green carpet is another easy way to instantly freshen up and change the interior. Bright green color looks gorgeous on a dark parquet, while light floor can be perfectly decorated with dark green and swamp green rugs.

Unusual layout: there is a place for green.

In recent years, a living room if often combined with a kitchen and dining room, especially in the USA and UK. This unusual layout eliminates homeowners from small and cramped spaces.

In this case, the kitchen area can be turned into a green island, highlighting it of the common space. Such a decor course will help to make a kitchen more bright and comfortable, even if it is very small and located far away from windows.

The most bold step – bright furniture with reflective glossy facades. Furniture with combined dark or light details on facades looks very stylish.

If the dining area has a small space with a compact table, add this zone lightweight chairs with olive or light green backs. This design idea will refresh the living room and make bright accents.

Style ideas for a green living room.

Once upon a time, noble malachite and emerald colors adorned the halls of aristocratic castles and palaces. Today, green color in the living room interior 2020 can be used in any design style, but it is important to identify the shade for emphasizing the direction and not spoil its idea.

The high-tech style is dominated with silver, but it can be supplemented with light shades of spring leaves or gooseberry pulp, eventually you may get a nice looking design and toning up atmosphere. In order not to overdo it with greens, use it only in the textiles or decors, while the basic elements make gray and silver.

The minimalist style also has a place for a nice looking colors. Place a bright green couch in the living room – it will look excellent on a white background and fill the room emptiness. Small olive green rugs are another method to implement your favorite color in the minimalist space.

The vanguard style gives designers space for imagination. Choose the eye catchy juicy colors and boldly combine them with the same bright spots of yellow, red, purple. Furniture may have an unusual form – bold and unconventional solutions are welcomed in 2020.

The rustic green interior of a living room is more than appropriate. Simple wooden furniture, wooden floors, curtains with small peas go well with the entire green palette.

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