Most of people think that gray shade is too dull and gloomy for the living room interior. But actually this gray living room can be really comfortable and even luxurious, if you will properly approach this matter. By the way, in 2020 a lot of modern designers in USA and UK use gray shades during the creation of their masterpieces.

How To Use This Color In The Interior?

Today many people consider that gray is a noble color, which can be quite bright, stylish and interesting. It will look really great in your home in the following combinations:

  •  gray with light blue;
  • gray with green shades;
  • quartz or gray shade with brown color (which is especially popular in 2020);
  • gray with purple (living room, decorated in such colors will look really effectively).

In addition to the fact that these colors are very beautiful, they also can visually expand the space. This solution will be especially suitable for small living rooms. But also in big rooms it will look aesthetically pleasing enough. While decorating almost any space, you can use gray shades as basis color. Thus, you can paint walls in this color or use it as a background for future experiments. For example, gray interior objects or curtains will look really nice on a soft beige background. You should remember that if you choose gray furniture or other interior items decorated in this color, the back-round must be very soft.

The most traditional and universal combination gray color creates with white shades (for example, it can be dirty white or white with a touch of yellow shade). This idea can be suitable almost in any cases. White color can add a bit of freshness to gray living room. While decorating the room you should remember that it is important to use different shades of white color. Only its shades (not the pure white color) can add attractiveness and comfort to the living room.

Also don’t forget about another classic color – black. Some people can refuse this color, because they don’t want to get too dark living room. But actually this interior looks very noble and stylish.

It is recommended to dilute gray color with brighter tones, such as burgundy, purple, lilac. For those, who prefer contrasting combinations can use following colors:

  • light green;
  • yellow;
  • orange.
    But it is need to remember that you should use these contrasting colors moderately, as special accents.

Unusual Ideas For Gray Living Room Interior.

If you want to get the really noble interior in your US home, you should choose the gray-purple living room interior decoration. It will be perfectly suitable for the living room. Also in this case you can add to the interior different small details and interior objects. For example, you can place in the room silver details, such as bedside table, bedspread or dressing table. Another good idea is the combination of gray and pink. These colors can create a really soft and even romantic interior.

You can use gray color for the flooring – it is really unusual option and great rarity, but it will look very beautiful. Also you can add a nice cream-colored mat to the living room interior.

Bright Accents Are Very Important.

After the addition of different bright elements and juicy details, gray living room can turn into a real masterpiece. Yo can dilute the gray walls in the living room with cream-colored curtains or furniture items. Also this tone can be combined with brown or pink shades. Such kind of combination can be attributed to the classics.

It may seem that gray color is not suitable for energetic and young people, but it is not true. You just need to choose the right combination and arrangement for this color. For the living room interior design it is important to mark the contrast stain. Therefore, you can paint one of the walls in living room in green color. Also you can choose furniture set, decorated in a deep burgundy color. It is need to stress that gray and silver shades are considered to be the predominant colors in Hi-Tech style.

Bright accents play really important role in gray living room interior in the USA. They can make it more fresh, interesting and extraordinary. Thus, you can use following design elements to add bright accents to the interior:

  • decorative pillows, carelessly scattered on the couch;
  • pillows-cushions;
  • curtains and various cute souvenirs;
  • probably, the most important interior object is vase, which should filled with bright fresh flowers.

Gray curtains serve as a continuation for the walls of the same color. But you need to remember that you have to use different shades of gray to avoid the monotony. For example, curtains may be a tone darker or with a floral pattern. Also this method you can use for the floor covering to add a fine touch for the arrangement of living room. Therefore, gray living room can be luxurious, stylish and sophisticated. You just need to show your imagination and tips, written above.

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