Decor choice for a bedroom is the final stage of home renovation in USA. Design of walls, ceiling, windows and doors in the room is only the creation of basic interior space. Without unique decor ideas all houses would be just of the same type and visually resemble each other. To emphasize the individuality of the design concept, focus the attention on original accessories and decorate the home interior with bright shades use the diverse works of DIY decorative and applied art.

Basic principles of bedroom decorating

Home decor has to focus on the design style, which is the founder of the interior structure:

  • If you prefer eternally young and always relevant classics, which people in US like a lot, so there should be present reproductions of paintings in gilt baguettes, bronze chandeliers or antique table clock in your bedroom.
  • If you are more impressed with Shabby chic, vintage or Provence, then sustained interiors in these styles are unthinkable without jewelry boxes and photo frames with a touch of antiquity – rubbing and roughness, forged shelving units for flowers, clay pots, homespun rugs and openwork napkins.
  • If you are the fan of country, chalet, Swiss or Eco styles, so as non-trivial accent details in the interior may be skins of animals, DIY knitted covers for chairs and sofa, floor lamps with fabric lampshades of light colors, wooden or stone pots for flowers and plants. Natural and ethnic motives in these closest to the natural environment design styles are legislators interior decoration 2020.
  • If you chose the versatile fusion direction, the link between different texture and graphic quality attributes of the interior should be home decors, containing harmonious tone details. Metal moldings, used for ceiling finishing and wooden floors in a bedroom can be ideally complemented with 3D picture with wood and iron elements adorning on of a wall.

Wall decor can become a flashy design idea of any room, if you correctly pick up accessories. Decor items should not play the main role in the home design concept. Otherwise, all the attention of your guests have to be concentrated only on certain parts of the space.

The main accessories purpose – to give homeowners an aesthetic pleasure in admiring the beautiful and stylish decorations. Therefore an accent wall in a bedroom should be arranged with one large or several small-sized DIY compositions. They have be placed at eye-level – in the middle of the wall.

Home decor for traveler, photographer, athlete or artist can be the reflection of their exiting hobbies. If the interests of all the householders are radically different, each family member can individually design the interior of his own bedroom. Organizers decorated with seashells, collages made of memorable shots, champion corner with homemade shelves to accommodate cups and medals, paintings of famous painters – all of these items will be the dominant accessories in bedrooms of creative and talented individuals.

Hand-made learning

Handmade furnishings are highly valued especially in USA 2020. Thanks to this a really special frivolous charm reigns in the sights of palace halls and luxury rooms of the best hotels, homes of aesthetes, who prefer to decorate their space with creative works of artisans – beautiful and nontrivial decorative ornaments. The original decor for a stylish bedroom can be made by your own hands just with the using of imagination and maximizing of your creative abilities potential. This will give a chance not only to save some extra money on the purchase of well-exclusive compositions, but also on high quality materials for your room renovation.

Tanks to your hard work, imagination, needlework and design talent the home space can be decorated with a completely different by appearance decor items. Their appearance depends on the execution technology. Nowadays, there are many types of techniques used in the creation art and craft works.

The most popular handmade types are:

  • Patchwork;
  • Decoupage;
  • Embroidery;
  • Knitting;
  • Mosaic;
  • Embossing.

Having mastered one of these work types, you can make not only DIY unique decor for your home, friends and relatives, but also present exclusive gifts.

Creating hand-made compositions for housing decoration

DIY ideas for bedroom decor may be the most unexpected, for example:

  • decorate flower pots, wrapping them with colored paper;
  • decorate a vase with ornamental plants;
  • change boring pillowcases with decorative ones or sew a new wrapper for them;
  • knit a charming blanket for a bed and covers for armchairs;
  • pick up a new framework for paintings, try to create it with your own hands;
  • change upholstery on your sofa;
  • paste over an old cabinet with decorative foil.

When creating DIY decor for a bedroom in USA, it is possible to think about space functionality. If your walls are opened and there is nothing on them, you can fill up this “emptiness” and fix wooden shelving there. It can have shelves of different shapes and even different colors, but in the way of conformity with the primary color solution.

DIY decorating can be supplemented with photographs attached to the wall in frames. It is possible to issue a panel of family photos or family member pictures, such as a child, on a free wall in a bedroom. Over time these images can be changed on the mood, or as new photos will replace these old pictures.

If the bedroom area allows, make a volumetric frame-shelf on the wall, where all the home decorated vases and bottles, or the same pictures on supports can be placed on its basis. And if you are not afraid to experiment, use the stencil decor.

As we reflect on the question how to decorate a bedroom with your hands, pay attention to an interesting modern material like vinyl stickers, which are widespread today in the USA. Original sticker allow to choose a picture for every taste.

Handmade home decor is able to upgrade the usual appearance of bedroom interior and give it the distinctive originality and noble sophistication.

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