Wallpaper ideas for living room

Living Room – is a place where you don’t only spent most of your rest time, but also taking parties with friends and inviting new people. That is why it is especially important to choose right wallpapers for this room. Let’s look for some creative ideas for decorating wallpapers and choosing them.

Wallpaper ideas for living room

First of all we should understand the main purpose of wallpapers in your living room. If the room is small that’s going to be a good idea to choose light wallpapers to visually expand space. It also works for rooms with a lot of furniture inside. If the room is wide with a lot of open walls and you have little children or pets the most important thing is to find easy cleaning material strong for marking and damaging.functional wallpapers in living room Yes, your dream design look is important but functionality is always on the first place. That is why first of all you should make a look at the degree of natural light, area of the room, especially its layout (length, width of the walls, the presence of columns or arches, niches in the walls), the need for zoning, etc. we going to make choose of wallpaper colors, texture and form of the material from which they are made looking for that points.

The first rule in creating any interior design is taking point of which elements of the interior should stand out and which create the background for them. Living room is organic whole, but not a separated elements of furniture and structural parts. Walls, the ceiling, the window, sofa, fireplace and everything else should play together.

It is not a good idea to make whole wallpapers in a really bright colors. People used to spend most of the time in living room and screaming red or acid yellow will badly influent on eyes and make pressure for head. That does not mean you have to say “No” to juicy colors you like. Just use them in small amounts like bright accent. For explain, you could take light grey wallpapers and put wide stripe with colored flowers under you sofa. It is going to look like a big picture.bright accent with wallpapers in living room

Choosing color is important step. All colors are divided into:

  •  achromatic (black, white, gray);
  • warm (yellow, beige, orange, brown, peach, red, etc.);
  • cold (blue, purple, blue, pink, purple, etc.).

The trick is to choose lighter wallpapers for dark room and darker wallpapers for a room with good degree of lightness. If there is going to be black colored walls in a very poorly illuminated living room it’s going to look like cellar or cave. And if where is wide windows and a lot of sun passing from them white wallpapers will reflect light and irritate eyes and blind.

The orientation of the room really influence to the degree of comfort in it. Use warm colors for north oriented room and cool for south. It is not only because of light in living room but also it brining a feel of warm to cold rooms and cooling down rooms with a lot of sunshine.
Wallpapers also have different texture. It could be smooth, but it is applied on a perfectly flat surface of the walls or textured with random small items or clear mathematically accurate line. It is really interesting idea to combine different textures on your wallpapers. It is easy way of decorating rooms.Textures of wallpapers for living room

The next beautiful trick is a printed wallpapers. It could be flowers ornament of big décor images. Small patterns suits for small rooms, and for wide rooms it should be chose big pictures and geometric figures. Making a themed living room you could find the same wallpapers. Blue shabby wallpapers with bid dark trees and birds will rock art house room for representatives of creative professions. Traditional small flowers pattern are synonym to cozy and comfortable rooms. Big city light or a portrait of beautiful woman could also look really impressive when the rest of wallpapers are neutral.printed wallpapers in living room

You can also follow some typical home design. For example, USA living room is usually different by zoning. That is why it use light colors that helps to provide a lot of space and light for room. Also in USA homes it is usually absolutely different styles combined.living room with wallpapers zoning UK style in designing living room is absolutely different. It is elegant and comfortable with noble colors and plenty of cozy decor. Such rooms are usually not very big, so designers use warm and light color to create atmosphere of relax and safety. UK living rooms are full of tissues, wood and stone, that is why wallpapers are more like background.

Every home is special and it’s living room all the more so. It should demonstrate the individuality of people who live in this house and suits them. Don’t try to follow typical project that you can see in magazines, but look for ideas there! Be creative and design your own perfect living room. So the main idea of creating design in your home is to make the place as comfortable and personal as it is possible.

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