Minimalist living room interior design ideas

The style of minimalist design does not tolerate any frills, and not flashy colors have to be present there. The most relevant place of home premises for this style decorating is a living room, because it can combine the work and relaxation areas together.

This style idea in the living room design caught on well in Europe in the last century. It is a favorite choice among homeowners in the UK and USA. Minimalism is a minimum of decoration on the maximum room space. Its creator claimed that the simplicity of form creates space saturation and brightness of images.

Zoning decision of minimalist style

A living room is the home part, where it is the most convenient to carry out meetings, negotiations, informal communication. It may be events in the family, and with other people. But not all the premises have a living room in their layout. And many homeowners choose to renovate their apartments and houses in such a way that a kitchen or part of a bedroom could be is transformed into a living room.

In order to comply with a minimalist style in the interior, the first thing you have to divide a new living room into zones. It is pretty easy to do it. If a room is needed only for official meetings, it will be enough just to create so-called working area. In this case, you can simply do without the relaxation area in a living room. More zones planned in the interior will make the minimalist space more expressed.Zoning living room in minimalist style

Main features of minimalist interior

All sizes of living rooms may be easily used in creation of the minimalist style, although it is considered to be more successful for renovation of large areas. Interior design in the style of minimalist visually makes bigger even too small room.Main features of minimalist living room

Key directions in the interior style creation, that should be taken into consideration:

  • A maximum of space and light;
  • The rejection of luxury and decorative elements in favor of the most necessary items;
  • A minimum of furniture;
  • The functionality of each room item;
  • The mono-chromaticism;
  • The using of natural materials.

Space concept

The perfect interior in the style of minimalism 2015 is the most comfortable space to live, where the main are people, not design details. Of course, there should be different interior items, but they know their place and serve with their intended purpose. In an effort to maximize free space, use wall cabinets and appliances. The central part of a room usually takes a low sofa with a coffee table. There should be the strict geometry in all details, no curved lines.Comfortable space in minimalist living room

Color solution

Use only strict colors – light shades, colors of natural wood, dark hues, even black. Light colors always prevail, creating a feeling of lightness and purity. This contributes to the lighting – the light in such interiors is usually subdued. Set translucent blinds or shutters on windows that the sun will not beat in your eyes, use lamps with frosted glass, smoothing extra shine.

Bright and eye-catching colors, abstract forms are not welcome in minimalist style. Only soft flowing lines should be present there. Be sure to use upholstered furniture in decorating of a living room. You should not pursue the goal to place furniture as much as possible, it may be just one, but a large and comfortable sofa.

The creation of a minimalist style can be the most advantageous, when you chose white color and similar shades for room decorating. For example, walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, even curtains may be white. You can perform the whole interior in white. But at least, some of interior details perform in pastel colors.Color solution in minimalist living room

Finishing materials

Glass, natural wood, and textiles are the most often used materials in the minimalist living room finishing. Glass doors, suspended ceiling, sofa upholstered in a monochromatic light fabric, light bamboo flooring, shelves on one wall, a plasma TV on another one – this is a classic living room in a minimalist style 2015.

Extra decor details and placement principles

All items should be selected on the principle of “do no harm”. Face control will not pass all fanciful, bright, brilliant, massive details. You can use plain vases, stone balls, simple sculptures. You can hang a large photo in a frame, or avant-garde paint on a wall.

The minimalism furniture 2015 is characterized by the correct form presence. Moreover, it must not be placed randomly arranged around the perimeter, but the most compactly, preferably in the center of each zone to leave as much free space as possible. The design of the minimalist style living room is always easy to comply with. Thus, use only furniture of natural materials and pastel colors.decor details in minimalist living room

Since this style was borrowed by Europeans from the Japanese, so there should be no space cluttering space by useful things, they need to be placed inside the shelves and cabinets. A lamp can be also hidden, it is not desirable to hang a great big chandelier in a living room.

This style in the interior of the living room is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease. If you follow all the basic minimalist style ideas in decorating a living room, you can get a working area of increased comfort, which will allow to find inner peace and balance.

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