DIY Living Room Decoration Ideas

Hand-made decorations are what fills a living room with charm and gives the design an individual character. Some of them are easy to craft and won’t take a lot of time, but will beam with warmth and instill an atmosphere of homely comfort.

Techniques Of DIY Interior Decor

Decide on the way you’re going to create decorations for your living room. Base your choice on materials you have at hand, as well as your skills and talents. Examine the following list of techniques popular in 2015 to find out what’s your cup of tea.

  1. Wood engraving. Chic figurines, candle holders, jewel-boxes – very many interior decorations can be carved from wood by proficient woodworkers. For low-skilled laymen, unfortunately, this activity is likely to yield no fruit.Diy decoration living room from wood
  2. Art painting is an awesome idea of decorating the walls. You can create the picture with the help of a stencil or a slide projector, paint it from a sketch copy or just let your imagination and fantasy run free.
  3. Batik is a kind of textile painting. The method is used to add more exquisite beauty to decorative pillows, curtains, lamp shades and other textile elements of the interior.Diy decoration living room with textile painting
  4. Embroidery is employed for composing unique panel pictures. You can also use embroidery to decorate the pillow-cases.
  5. Crocheting and knitting help create unusual flat or bulk decorations. The technique provides toys; original covers for flowerpots, vases, personal organizers, boxes and cups of all sorts; shades for lamps; decorative ornamental napkings; small rugs and many other minor items.Diy decoration living room with knitting
  6. Quilling is a method of arranging applications from warped paper strips. It provides a vast freedom for your imagination and requires minimal expenses.
  7. Felting includes two different techniques: wet and dry. The first is used for creating flat applied works, the second allows for making dimensional figurines from animal wool.Diy decoration living room with felting
  8. Decoupage. This decorative art consists in cutting a shape or illustration from a paper napkin or card and gluing it to a surface. Virtually any interior element can be decorated with the help of this technique: walls, furniture, crockery, etc.Diy decoration living room with Decoupage

Difficult techniques, such as wood carving, are not recommended for novices. If you have little DIY experience, try to master quilling or felting. If you’re artistically inclined, engage yourself with painting or batik.

Simple DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

Don’t be upset if you’re lacking specific talents, gifted hands or a bulky budget. Shelves of your home surely store tons of forgotten and needless papers, so use them as decorations of your living room. Not only are paper decorations simple to make; they also require very little investment of time and money.

Different nations have different approaches towards paper interior decorations. Oriental people are known for their special attitude towards the material, for their appreciation of rough simplicity. In the USA or UK, paper has also long been used in interiors, mostly in the form of wallpaper. But Europeans and Americans have always craved for luxury and preferred paper of unusual textures or with patterns.

Design trends of 2015 promote usage of paper decorations in interior and new ways of combining both eastern and western principles. Let’s find out what inexpensive ways of refreshing the living room interior with the help of paper designers suggest.

  1. Pages of notes on the walls of your living room will underscore your improvisatorial talents and instill an atmosphere of romance. From the decorative point of view, musical notations appear a complicated, exquisite ornament.Diy decoration living room with pages of notes
  2. Book pages. If you gut an old needless book and place a few sheets on one plane, you’ll be amazed to see them form a composition. A book of poems is especially good, as it helps decorate the wall minimalistically, but lively. The aesthetic appeal of old pages allows for putting them into a framework or creating a beautiful arrangement – such as a tree with pages for leaves.Diy decoration living room with book pages
  3. Herbarium sheets on the walls of your living room not only instill a natural motive. If you combine a chaotic, eclectic herbarium collection with rustic furniture, your parlor will make a convincing impression of a baroque cabinet of curiosities.Diy decoration living room with herbarium sheets
  4. Old newspapers covering the walls. In a decade, your living room will become a true chronicle. In addition, newspapers bear the atmosphere of the romantic 1910s and 1920s.
  5. Collages. Bright glossy magazines are a great material for transforming the walls of your living room into a pop art work. Cut pages in pieces and paste them on the wall chaotically for creating an interior that predicates avant-garde design experiments of the early 20th century.Diy decoration living room with wall collages

An extravagant hand-made decorative item will transforms your home. Paper decorations can be a temporary solution of refreshing the living room until you master a more difficult technique. DIY decor is a relatively unexpensive and beautiful way to bring new hobbies into your life and new aspects into the interior.

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