Have you ever thought about the time you spend in your bedroom? Even if you belong to this type of workaholics who constantly hurry up to be in time to do everything and “cut” their sleeping hours, you will be at least surprised. At least seven hours! Almost one third of a day. The easiest calculation will give you an amazing result – 25 years of 75 (we have taken the average lifespan of a man in USA) we do spend there.

Bedroom, sleeping room, dormitory… these names which are given to the area we sleep are different. They mean one thing – the room where you sleep. And there should be one “must” in any dorm – its comfort and nice design. Even a tiny sleeping room of a Men must have a wide comfy bed. It can be a room in a home with rustic design, the area for sleeping in a Neo-modern studio, classic man’s cave or a small zone with a sleeping place in an eclectic apartment. Let us see which of the ideas below will “work” for you.

Modern style for male small bedroom.

Modern style and practicality are almost synonyms. If your sleeping room is small, it is the best variant, especially for a man. This style does not need any special decorations. All details and shapes are simple. The word “simplicity” is the key to a modern style dorm.

The advantages which offers modern bedroom:

  • Easy choice of furniture – most stores deal today with the furniture units in modern style.
  • The simplest materials to decorate your small bedroom. Sometimes painting walls is enough.
  • Convenient window treatments – blades and shades.
  • No special lighting requirements.

Classic style for male small bedroom.

In the classic interiors designers use the ideas revealing comfort and luxury of kings’ dorms. The “must” of such a bedroom is a bed with a high headboard, often padded, with silk or tapestry upholstery. It looks always gorgeous and. Rich decoration, heavy velvet curtains ( or window treatments from real silk), soft big pillows and a bed with a decorated headboard are the attributes of a classic bedroom.

The main features of a male bedroom in classic style:

  • Many textiles used – carpets, drapes, curtains. Everything is felt luxury.
  • Much snow white color, red and purple is often added.
  • A huge bed, always with a headboard, padded, upholstered or decorated in a special way.
  • All items in a classic dorm form a single composition.

Be careful choosing classic variant for your small bedroom. If modern style creates the illusion the place is more spacious than it is, much decor in a classic dorm and a huge bed can create a sense of a cluttered space. Think over the project and make a plan of your future sleeping place.

French Provence style for male small bedroom.

Romantic interior, pastel color shades, natural wooden furniture, whitewashed closets, flowers is vases – all these things can fit in mostly a lady’s sleeping room. However, who said that to be romantic means not to be a real man? Men can love and they do love. The idea of a French Provence dorm in a small rural house seems very cute. The key word for any Provence dorm design is “Natural”. Everything has to be very simple and even visually clear. French Provence – this is the variant of rustic style. Thus, use natural wooden furniture and simple curtains. The floor in this dorm is natural parquet or laminate, imitating aged wood. However, French Provence style is not so popular in men’s bedrooms ( and homes as well) as rustic style.

Rustic style for male small bedroom.

Although the new technologies which appear every day, new materials appearing on the market, “clever” furniture which can be transformed are used now and then, rustic style popularity has been growing in the USA. Rustic style in a small bedroom foresees using a large and massive wooden bed, furniture made from unfinished wood ( sometimes the wood is stained). The gorgeous simplicity may seem cheap, but vice versa – bed, nightstands closets are made of the best wood, often hardwood. Window treatments look rough. The dorm interior design has many wooden chests. Very often the furniture is made of recycled wood.

The features of a rustic style for male small bedroom.

  • Only natural materials everywhere – wood mostly. Stones may present, but not often.
  • Heavy and rough window treatments.
  • Original natural wall – antlers, sometimes – chains.
  • Light fixtures with thick glass and metal frames.

Minimalist style for male small bedroom.

Minimalism in close to Japanese style. Both styles are characterized by simplicity of forms and much free space left. Choosing a minimalist style for a tiny male bedroom you will never lose. First of all, your space will look larger than it is. Secondly, such an interior may be very cheap. You do not need really much. If it is a Japanese style of your sleeping room, the set of furniture may be limited with a classic Japanese futon or one of those futon beds which are offered in US stores today. The residents of small apartments will appreciate the profits which minimalism gives.

The choice of a man’s small cave design depend on your taste , of course. But think over the ideas mentioned above – probably you will pick your own style of a sleeping room with their help.

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