The style Country is unpretentious, cozy and soulful. It often serves the basis for interior projects of holiday houses, where the entire home is designed in compliance with the style’s principles. Urban dwellers should not enchain themselves with conventions, though. Designing one part of a metropolitan home – such as the bathroom – in Country is a common practice among USA designers.

A country bathroom is free of garish elements, urban details and hurry-scurry. Every interior constituent brings your thoughts to the idea of harmony with nature. Natural materials and a subtle color palette underscore the style’s simplicity. All shades found in nature are welcome, although designers recommend primarily those colors that match green well. Straight lines and soft scattered light create the special rural ambiance.

Country bathroom: peculiar features.

Any room dominated by the style Country is devoid of pomposity and pretentiousness, since it’s positioned as the dwelling of a rural resident – a craftsman or a farmer. Observe the following designer recommendations to create a country-style bathroom in compliance with the canon.

  1. Simplicity and no frills. A country-inspired bathroom interior is primarily homely. It demonstrates clean straight lines, natural materials and items endowed with a clear function (such as a trivial vanity or a mirror in a strict frame).
  2. Primitivism. Recall the appearance of an authentic rural interior: whitewashed and plastered walls, windows with painted wooden frames, etc. A similar way of finishing is appropriate in a country-style bathroom. Opt for rough wall finishing, such as rustic masonry or brickwork (you may paint the latter with a natural color or enjoy its pristine appearance). Exposed timber ceiling beams are also characteristic of Country, although recommended only for rather spacious bathrooms.
  3. Soulful traditions. If the bathroom has a window – be it even a small ventilation one – it is absolutely recommended that you decorate it with textile curtains (cotton, linen or chintz) with naive flower or checker patterns. A country-styled bathroom interior also highly welcomes the presence of small landscape pictures on the walls, and old-time narrow wooden shelving racks.

Country bathroom fixtures & furniture.

Country-style plumbing fixtures often remind of the style Retro. A country-inspired bathroom appreciates a bathtub standing on elegant curved legs or cased into a wooden pallet. A copper or brass tub also fits in such an interior well. All the employed fixtures should boast of a soft, perfectly streamlined shape without the slightest hint of angularity. If you prefer ceramic fixtures, refrain from dark colors. Also, make sure your sink and bathtub are equipped with those lovely old-fashioned taps with two cross heads.

Artificially aged wooden furniture is one of the core features of a country-style interior. With slight chafes and scuffs, the furniture produces a vintage effect. Old-looking chests-of-drawers, vanities, and even a rough wood case on the toilet tank – such pieces are appropriate in a country bathroom, as well as wicker baskets for towels or laundry. All the furniture pieces should together create an illusion of a remote, rural place. In this context, any presence of chrome or other shiny metal surfaces should be avoided, as it may spoil the overall picture.

Small country bathroom ideas.

Country is not the best interior style for small bathrooms in the USA, or so novice designers believe. It’s motley in the rural way, and prone to abundance of accessories, while small bathroom spaces require a minimalist approach. However, devoted expert designers have developed a quintuple of tricks that will allow you to fit the country concept into that tiny bathroom of yours.

  1. Finish the walls and ceiling with a light, pale color and add separate brighter accents later. Limit presence of rough finishing materials to just one wall or even a part of the wall.
  2. Don’t encumber the already limited space with numerous accessories. They catch the eye and make the room visually smaller. Opt for just a couple decorative items that highlight interior’s rural ambiance: an embroidered hand towel, a wicker basket with towels, etc.
  3. Decorating the windows (if your bathroom has any), use the laconic approach. One small curtain in tone with the walls will be sufficient. Contemporary Country variations even allow for French blinds.
  4. The mirror is an essential accessory in a small country bathroom. Choose a large mirror with a thin frame to make the room appear a bit bigger.
  5. Refuse from a bathtub in favor of a shower unit. You may even take it a step further and arrange a walk-in shower corner with a sinkhole in the floor instead of a cumbersome shower cubicle.

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