Remodeling the bathroom may seem a simple task at first sight. However, even a careful approach is not always able to prevent novices from certain mistakes. Before rushing to relocate the walls and move around the plumbing fixtures, familiarize yourself with the list of typical mistakes many have made in your place. This knowledge will help you save both money and efforts.

№ 1. Small budget for great ideas.

Drawing up the bathroom remodeling project in the USA, it’s a wise idea to add up 15-20 percent to its costs to cover for any unexpected expenses. Don’t just hope for the luck. You should keep in mind that improperly laid utility lines or defective plumbing fixtures may lead to significant adverse consequences. Try not to cheap out when remodeling and redesigning your bathroom.

№ 2. Improper installation.

Rational installation of all bathroom elements is essential. If various practical aspects of home renovation – such installation of plumbing fixtures or positioning of electrical outlets – are rocket science to you, you may want to hire specialists. But even though you should keep eye on the progress and quality of works being done: make sure the bathtub is installed firmly, the height of the sinker is convenient for you, etc. Also, ensure that the mirror is fitted to the wall properly. Other improper installation mistakes involve:

  • Unconsidered relocation of the sink. The procedure of relocating the washbowl involves changing the distance between the fixture and the discharge stack. Keep in mind: the greater this distance, the higher the sink should be installed. Moving the plumbing fixture 3 feet away from the soil stack requires increasing the height of its arrangement by 1 inch.
  • Improper relocation of the flush toilet. Unlike the sink, the flush toilet cannot be positioned at a greater height; thus, the fixture works poorly when installed away from the discharge stack. This will in turn lead to frequent blockages. If your plans call for changing the position of the flush toilet in your bathroom, you need to allot a spot for the wastewater discharge pump as well, which will make the toilet work as intended (and which is an aggregate of quite large dimensions, by the way).
  • Wrong installation of the heated towel rail. The pipes attached to the towel dryer should have smooth curves and no sharp turns. Otherwise, an air block may emerge, blocking the passage of hot water to the rail.

№ 3. Irrational space planning.

Plan your passages and actions in the remodeled bathroom space. The room itself may be of moderate size, but rational space planning will enable you to put every square inch of it to good use and avoid inconveniences after the home renovation is over. Take into account not only the dimensions of the room, but even your own height as well. Create a conceptual vision of your perfect bathroom, which will serve as the so-called starting point. The room’s dimensions and the items you fill it with will correct your vision into a proper end result.

Think about the future prospects when planning and designing the bathroom. Elaborate the interior in detail, so that you will be able to amend and change it easily in the future, whenever it’s necessary. A reason to adjust something in this room may be a new home mate, visiting relatives, etc.

№ 4. Pursuit of the pinks of fashion 2021.

Out-of-the-box ideas are produced by USA and UK designers virtually every day. However, you should always consider the usability of this or that design innovation you want to introduce in your bathroom. A sink of unusual shape may facilitate water splashing, while a fanciful tap may be simply inconvenient. A wide range of functions in a device may be another market-speak. Think about what functions you really need and what accessories will be of real use. Bright and eye-catching colors should better be used in accents and decorations that are removable and replaceable. Other mistakes resulting from the pursuit of today’s fashion trends 2021 are:

  • Poor illumination. US Designers insist that dimmed lighting is a major constituent of a relaxed atmosphere. However, such a lighting solution is not the best choice to illuminate your daily trivial round. Under poor light, your skin may appear unhealthy; moreover, insufficient lighting may be a source of danger in the bathroom. Be sure to position bright lighting fixtures above the mirror and over the bathtub or shower stand to reduce the possibility of losing footing.
  • Inappropriate finishing materials. High humidity and temperature differences require you to pick up those materials that are intended for exploitation in such conditions. Their decorative effect should be your second consideration. Select the paint with moisture-resistant properties, so that you’ll have no need for frequent renovations and avoid unnecessary sources of mold and fungus.

№ 5. Ventilation Of Insufficient Capacity

Ensure good ventilation to avoid emergence of mold, fungus and other unpleasant effects of high humidity. The method of ventilation should be elaborated before the beginning of the remodeling works in the bathroom.

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