The decision to finish a part of your US home in brown opens up a full scope for imagination and creativeness. Correct introduction of brown into the interior and wisely selected decorations can transform any living room, making it comfy and elegant. The color is welcome in many styles of interior design:

  • Classic;
  • Country and Provence;
  • Scandinavian and French;
  • Japanese and Chinese;
  • Contemporary and Hi-Tech.

Whichever the style you’ve chosen, a living room finished and decorated in brown invariably bears the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Shades of brown.

The color brown boasts such a rich palette that you can infinitely experiment with schemes and grades. The following shades will be of help when creating an enchanting and harmonious drawing room interior.

  • Chocolate or coffee looks good when employed in a design based on contrasts.
  • Cocoa or coffee and milk. In 2021 designs, it’s used rather for decorative finishing and accents than for a background tone.
  • Cinnamon is an incredibly soft, warm and eye-delighting shade, which helps create a comfortable, relaxing, romantic ambiance.
  • The color of natural wood (hazel, oak, alder) suits Eco-elegant interiors and charges with positive energy.

Best companions for brown.

Either of the mentioned above colors is advantageous only if put in contrast properly. Check out the list of options approved by USA designers, and open up the beauty of brown most accurately.

  1. Lighter shades of brown: caramel, cream, champagne, beige, cappuccino, etc. The third for this company is white, which makes the room lighter and airier. Pink, apricot, crimson or plum accents will add up brightness.
  2. Shades of orange. It’s a reminder of golden autumn, but you have to choose which of the two strong colors is superior in your interior – brown or orange. White or caramel can be the linchpin that softens and highlights both of them.
  3. Green. Your living room will associate with a forest, setting occupants at ease and refreshing the eye.
  4. White. A sheer white-and-brown grade is unnecessary. Bridge the two colors together with hazel or beige.
  5. Red. As with orange, a third party color is needed. Try white or shades of caramel. Adding pink will turn your living room into a retro-styled parlor or a sweet tooth’s dream.
  6. Blue is a great choice for a room with windows facing south. Brown and blue create a cool, fresh interior reminding of open winters. Employ the versatile beige color for a smooth transition.

Avoid combining brown with gray, purple, dark blue and black, as it makes the space gloomy and depressive.

Basics of designing a chocolate living room.

Classic design of a brown living room implies light background, dark flooring and dark furniture. The interior is complemented with muted accessories, sometimes with gold plating. However, blue, turquoise, lettuce green, emerald and burgundy decorations are acceptable. Mirrors are also welcome, as they make the room lighter and visually more spacious.

For 2021 brown living room designs, the opposite idea is true: combining dark walls with light furniture and flooring is recommended. If you believe that dark walls form too obscure a solution, paint brown only the accent wall – the one you want to draw attention to. Decorate it with light-colored elements – framed pictures or shelves – to create a spectacular interior. Unlike the classic variant, modern design requires bright accessories.

Furnishing a brown living room.

Pieces of furniture made of natural wood will add a special splendor to your brown living room. Saturated colors of chocolate or dark walnut look the most pompous. An elegant brown sofa with leather or textile upholstery is a good idea. You can also decorate the windows with brown draperies of the same tonality. Freshen up the color scheme with a greenish or bluish net curtain.

If you already have brown wallpaper, carpet or flooring, the sofa and the coffee table shouldn’t be of the chocolate color. To avoid a boring design, ease your furniture from the brown veil. A canary-yellow sofa or arm-chairs complemented with curtains of the same shade will brighten up the chocolate-colored living room. An orange carpet and an exquisite tea-table will rise to the role as well.

Accents, decorations, accessories.

Spot accents are great at making a brown living room livelier. Place turquoise pillows and plaid on the sofa. Or decorate the open shelves of the dark bookcase with white books and candle holders. A simple rug positioned in the sitting area works as a good accent. Wooden flooring is traditional for living rooms, so your floor is likely to be brown. A milken, orange or juicy green carpet thrown on the floor is a solution you need.

Bright pictures or large photographs on the walls, antiquarian items and colorful kits and bits on the shelves make the space brighter and more interesting. If the walls are under brown wallpaper, pastel curtains made of light textile will fit. Another idea for your living room is textile with contrasting patterns.

A few words in conclusion.

Brown drawing rooms are the timeless, eternal classics. Shades of coffee and chocolate are ideal for people who appreciate comfort and tranquility at home. The main advantage of using brown in a living room is that such a design is very difficult to spoil and the ultimate result of your creative efforts is always rewarding. The only thing you should be warned against is overloading the space with dark colors.

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