Blue color promotes relaxation and rest. It is a symbol of success, confidence, stability. Recently, blue has become the most fashionable interior design trend in 2022. It is often the main color of the room decorating in the USA.

Blue can be used in almost any interior style, it looks nice in the classic, high-tech, retro directions, and in the most modern interiors. But the most organically this color fits the Scandinavian and Provence styles, as well as Mediterranean, especially the Greek variation.

How to properly use blue color in the home interior? There are some important tips for creating a harmonious living room with blue shades:

Dominant blue in the wall decoration.

Blue walls in a living room are bold and colorful choice. But the use of saturated color requires accuracy and compliance with certain conditions that allow the space to play with special shades and lights:

  • Blue wall decoration will be appropriate in a living room if its windows overlook the sunny side and are not obscured by trees. Otherwise this cool shade will make the space dark and gloomy.
  • More calm blue hues are perfect for decorating the walls in rooms, which have no shortage of natural light. It is also the perfect solution for the shaded side, because it can become the basis for a bright and unique room interior with memorable accents of contrasting shades.
  • Contrasting floor and ceiling decoration will help to accentuate the depth of blue color on the walls. Preference should be given to light colors that add some extra space.
  • Light walls and deep blue color on the ceiling are an unusual solution, suitable only for spacious living rooms.
  • Stunning visual effect in the home interior can be created due to the several blue shades mixing. This decorating technique allows to avoid the excessive formality and rigor.

Blue furniture and decor idea accents.

The creation of blue living room requires careful selection of accessories, furniture and decor items.

It should be necessarily supplemented by vivid and memorable textile design. Floral motifs in the blue palette will reveal the splendor of curtains with many soft folds. More laconic look have Roman blinds and fabric blinds, which can be lighter or darker than the main tone of the design interior.

Blue furniture in a living room will add the magnificence for more relaxing color scheme interior. A couch and armchairs with saturated shade will be a central accent, attracting attention from the room doorway. The blue couch combines well with pastel color furniture. If blue color is dominated in a living room, the better idea here will be the use of wooden elements.

All the magic of saturated blue color can be emphasized by accessories of both pastel and bold bright colors. The refinement and restraint of the room interior in blue shades should be accentuated with the help of figurines, vases and decorations of bright colors on the walls. Elements of bright saturated colors will make the space dynamic. Use magenta, red, orange, yellow and others joyful colors for decor.

Blue color scheme is greatly combined with other tones, forming a strong and compelling combination. Unique and attractive blue is the color of royal luxury, which wealth can be emphasized by a few elegant touches.

Excellent combination ideas.

Blue goes well with a variety of colors. But it does not mean that this color can be mixed with everything. For example, dark colors do not fit to complement blue – a room will look uncomfortable, cause concern, feeling of anxiety. Remember also that the dark background visually reduces the size of observed objects on it, and makes them visually “heavier”.

It is better to combine blue with the following colors:

White. It is one of the most harmonious combination. Most often it is used in the minimalist style, Mediterranean and nautical theme. A living room in blue and white will look strictly and classically.

Beige. The combination of blue and beige looks soft and cozy. Beige can be very light, almost milky, and actively sand. This combination is appropriate in a nautical theme, classic and various embodiment’s of the Mediterranean style.

Brown. The color of chocolate, coffee, cinnamon is perfectly combined with blue and different shades of blue. A blue living room with brown furniture and brown leather decorative items look very advantageous. This combination is great for ethnic styles.

Red. Blue with red together look bright and active. It is better to use red only as an accent, and to add white for the balance.

Green. Different shades of green combined with blue shades allow you to create a classic, and in some cases, even the conservative interior. It is always nice and elegant.

Yellow. A blue living room looks great in combination with the additional yellow hue. The main thing – keep the proportions, and do not “overdo it” with yellow.

Gray. The nice combination of blue and gray is the modern interior 2015. A room decorated in these colors looks strict and rich.

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