A living room with chick black and white design combines aristocratic elegance and wide open space for creativity. Professional designers, artists and talented people may easily create unique and memorable black and white interiors.

Black and white color combination is ideal for the high-tech, minimalist, classic and other popular design styles 2020. Follow the useful tips and do not forget about using your own creative techniques for making a true interior masterpiece!

Distribute black and white correctly.

Designers, who take up the black and white decorating 2020, should have the refined artistic flair. Several factors influence on the choice of the dominant color:

Color perception. It is really important to know how a person reacts to black and white on a subconscious level. It is undesirably to give preference to black in a house, where US homeowners prone to melancholy.

Life style. Most often, exactly a way of life becomes an impetus to the implementation of monochrome living room interior. A light room will be the venue for noisy parties, while a room with darker accents contributes to long reflections about everything.

Room size. The monochrome design is able to change visually the room dimensions. The huge predominance of black shades gives the comfortable atmosphere in a living room, while white color brings a room more light and space, increasing its small size.

Natural lighting. The number and size of windows often play a decisive role in choosing the percentage of dark and light tones. A lot of natural light in a living room will allow to decorate it in the darker shades.

Rules of black and white style.

Some of nuances of the black and white using in the interior should be considered in any case. To achieve as much as possible successful combination of these colors, follow some main rules:

  • Keep an eye on the fact that the percentage of white color will not exceed fifty percent. Otherwise, it can cause the depression.
  • In a room with a black ceiling a homeowner will constantly drive in a dream. Tiredness and sleepiness are explained by the associative subconscious. The black ceiling means the night and it is time to sleep.
  • Create a living room zoning. This will help to achieve the best combination of contrasting colors.
  • Play with shape and volume of the color elements. You should not make a living room like a zebra skin. Sudden and frequent transitions make eyes and perception tired.
  • Decorate the room interior with vases, paintings, cushions and poufs. The main thing is not to overdo it and not clutter the space with unnecessary details.

How to choose furniture for black and white home interior?

A living room created in black and white style may have either black or white furniture. Flooring should be the same shade as the furniture, otherwise you will easily get a bad result, like the chaotic unbalanced home design.

Let’s remember the main design thesis: style is a perfect component of all the attributed it elements. Every interior detail should emphasize and express its idea orientation.

The aesthetic black dining table with white chairs and a chic white sofa with decorative details may perfectly fit in the black and white design of a living room.

Neat natural wood furniture of white or black shades is a great choice for the classical style, which is so popular in the USA.

Extra touches for black and white design.

At first glance it may even seem that the space with black and white design looks limited and strict. But it is a deeply misleading. Additional accessories and details help to make such an interior really stunning and exciting.

A living room can be decorated with lamps, furniture, curtains, elegant decorative elements. Designers recommend to use decorations with images of flowers, still life’s, vases, landscapes that create the atmosphere of cozy and comfortable stay.

The black and white style 2020 is often combined with other additional colors. Such unusual design decisions are often used in the USA, where people prefer to dilute monochrome colors with bright hues. The most advantageous are:

  • Red color is dynamic and encourages the activity. Red details will give a room modern features. A small drawback – the excessive amount of red causes an aggressive reaction.
  • Yellow color makes apartment comfortable and cozy, and warms a monochrome black and white space. Bright yellow shades bring additional color to the boring and monotonous interior.
  • Shades of green will make the design more natural and close to natural principles. This is the perfect decorating idea for collectors of ornamental plants.
  • Grey color fits perfectly in black and white atmosphere. It will help to create a harmonious palette of colors and eliminate destructive contrasts that prevent the correct space perception.

There are many other great options: olive, blue, mint. This choice mostly depends on your aesthetic preferences and what you prefer to get in a black and white living room.

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