One of the most significant part of bedroom decorating is to choose the correct design for walls in the room. In fact, wall is a big artistic canvas, on which you can show all the richness of your own imagination. The whole bedroom interior should help people to relax after a busy day. Therefore, while decorating the walls you must remember that they should be sustained in the same relaxing style. So let’s see, what trends of wall decoration are popular in USA and UK in 2020.

Decoration And Color Scheme of Bedroom Wall.

You should remember that straight lines and sharp color transitions are not suitable for bedroom wall design. In this case, calm and soothing tones must prevail. Usually, pastel colors are used for bedroom decoration. The best solution is to use the delicate texture of wallpaper and plaster. The most suitable shades for bedroom walls are the following:

  • olive;
  • peach;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • pistachio.

These colors are the most optimal, because they can be well combined and also they are really enjoyable. Choosing the color scheme for bedroom walls, also you need to pay attention to your own preferences and other circumstances. Thus, it is recommended to add a light shed of red color for couples interior. It is believed that it has a positive effect on sexual life.

If you prefer deep tones, bedroom walls can be diluted with more contrast and saturated shades of this color. Also you can use for this different elements of decoration. For example, you can place on the wall a nice wooden composition.

As an additional decoration you can use vinyl stickers, which can form nice and original compositions. You can form a nice composition from stickers, which is suitable for the color scheme of the bedroom and then just stick it on a wall surface at the bed’s head.

If you have a small room, the best solution will be to paint the walls evenly. Also in this case you can place the accents using several graphic works in small and neat frames. Nice idea will be to emphasize the connection of the planes with use of narrow ornament.

Perhaps, the easiest way of bedroom wall decorating is to place on it different family photos. Also it will be very suitable for the room with small area. This will help you to bring the aura of warmth and family comfort to the bedroom. In addition to this, you can update these photos periodically, depending on different memorable events, which can happen in your life. Of course, it is important to comply with the measure – bedroom interior can’t be overloaded.

Unusual Ways of Decoration.

There are some interesting variants of bedroom wall decoration. Probably, some of them may seem too strange, but actually some of them are really popular now. Among others, there are following solutions:

  • decoration with the use of 3D-panels, which create the sea atmosphere;
  • ornamental stone, which recreates the feeling of SPA in your home;
  • room with stone fireplace, which creates a special feeling of comfort and coziness;
  • also you can just hang one of the walls in the room with handbags. It will be really unusual solution!

Very interesting option in 2020 is to decorate the bedroom with fresco’s and paintings. This will give the unique charm to the room. Using modern materials and techniques, it is possible to create a true masterpiece. Curtains can be used not only for windows, but also you can decorate walls with it. Such design element will give more comfort to your home and bedroom.

Also you can use different applications, which can be made from wallpaper remnants, as decoration elements for your bedroom. You can make a few pictures in a suitable scale and then choose the best one and put it in a frame. It is really interesting idea for bedroom wall decoration!

Bigger Room – Bigger Opportunities.

Selection of the proper bedroom wall decoration becomes easier, if you have big area for creativity. For example, in this case you can combine wallpaper and paint, use curbs and special panels. In some cases you can drape the walls with fabrics.

The main square of the room can be painted and another good idea will be the use of bamboo or vinyl wallpapers. This is one of the latest US trends in bedroom wall decoration in 2020. Such types of wallpapers do not collect dust, because they are processed with special anti-static solutions.

In addition, you can give your bedroom more luxury with Venetian plaster. This material makes the interior more elegant and its structure is reminiscent of the vintage velvet. Fabric (cotton or flax) is used relatively rare – in most cases to focus on a certain area in the room.

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