Owners of spacious houses and flats usually have no problems with lack of space. But not every person or family can afford a large housing, and there appears the problem of creating multipurpose interiors.

The idea of a bedroom combined with a living room is greatly popular with the owners of small apartments in the USA and all over the world. It concerns mostly the apartments where we do not have the number of rooms. And most often the design of a living room with a bedroom as a single unity is used in one-room apartments.

To get both original and functional interior, it will be enough to use a little imagination. Moreover, lack of space forces us to go on this way. And if you consult an experienced designer, he will easily solve the problem by combining a guest area and a relaxation area inside the space of a single room. However, in this case you will probably have to abandon a double bed in its classic variant.

The ways of combining a living room with a bedroom.

There are several approaches which can be applied when combining a living room with sleeping facilities. Let us observe the most popular ones in the USA:

  1.  The classic version of a wall or, in other words, re-planning.
    To apply this idea you need to have a room with more than one window, and its area must be large enough. To create interior walls they use such materials as brick, drywall, foam, chipboard and gas silicate or gypsum fiber units and glass blocks which serve both for separation and interior decorating;
  2. Installation of partitions.
    Partitions are more compact and light weighing. They may be solid or incomplete, stationary or movable. You may create such screens using thick fabric, wood (usually in the form of blinds or an accordion) and glass.
  3. Curtains.
    This way is very simple and convenient. Actually, you don’t change anything except the space of a room. A long drapery rod (or several smaller ones), a piece of fabric (or several pieces) – and you have you room divided into zones. The drapery may be placed on different levels, it can be hanging permanently or movable, stretched on a frame or rising up. Moreover, you will hardly find a more expressive decoration that would emphasize the peculiarities of the room’s design.
  4. Furniture.
    This is one of the simplest bedroom living room combo design ideas. You may use almost any piece to insulate some space of your home for relaxation or receiving guests. It may be a rack, a cabinet with open shelves, or some other piece of carcass furniture. And, if we apply a pullout sofa, the separation will be no longer necessary. Such variant as furniture on rails or rollers makes it vary easy to change the interior. Headboard with shelves and shelves may also be used for zoning, and a transformer bed that allows saving a lot of space is even better because at day it looks like a normal cabinet, and only at night with the help of a simple mechanism it is lowered.
  5. Podium.
    This method is ideal if there is room with high ceiling. The podium is done by raising the floor level. It is very convenient to store things inside it if you put there some boxes. You even organize the backlight or build a hollow structure, where your retractable bed will be stored.
  6. Illumination and Color.
    Most people attach secondary importance to these options but they are really expressive and may be used for numerous design ideas including bedroom living room combo design. You may create the effect of separation by using wallpapers of different textures and colors, or taking the different tones of the same pattern. In addition, you can define the boundaries of the two zones very precisely by means of illumination. Just use bright light for recreation and reception areas, and dim light for a sleeping area.

Useful US designer tips.

  • Don’t forget about the single design conception of your home when planning dividing into zones. Both areas must correspond the single stylistics, and all the colors and patterns must harmonize with each other;
  • It will be better to position your bed as far as possible from the entrance. It is also a good idea to place it near a window for easy ventilation, and mental tranquility. TV is also advisable to place away from the sleeping area;
  • Don’t overload the space of the room with odd furniture and decoration elements;
  • You can modify the space of the room with the help of patterns, mirrors etc. If the room is narrow, you can visually expand it by hanging a mirror on one wall. By the way, natural motifs in the decor help to enlarge a small room. And the depth of the space can be reached with the help of an arched window:

In any case, the creating of a bedroom living room combo design should be done very carefully, with thoughtful approach. In this case you will be able to smooth out smooth all the disadvantages and drawbacks of a small-sized home and, as a result, you will get a modern, functional and unique interior.

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