Fireplace placement in a bedroom should be well thought out. It has to blend harmoniously with the existing interior and become a kind of highlight of the room. The fireplace decorating is selected in accordance with the interior style, or vice versa, to make the accent in contrast.

A variety of bedroom design styles allow to place a fireplace in the interior, for example, rustic, classic, modern or high-tech, which are extremely popular this year in the USA.

  • Classic interior is characterized by the obligatory presence of a mantel shelf, where candlesticks and exquisite decors will be placed.
  • Modern style is appropriated to be with the stone and metal combination. A variety of shapes and colors allow the fireplace to look harmoniously and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Modern high-tech style welcomes materials such as glass, plastic and steel.

Where to place a fireplace in a bedroom?

The real fireplace, of course, should be located near the chimney, so its placement has to be planned at the home design stage. Only in this way you can place it in the most convenient area.

A lot of artificial electric and Eco fireplaces appeared and are gaining popularity in 2021-2022. So it is possible to place them anywhere. You can locate it even on the part and opposite of a bed or in the corner.

Fireplace can not be placed close to a bed, at least before the fire should be 60-80 inches of free space. In this case, the optimal place is one of the distant corner. Besides, a corner fireplace looks very attractive.

The most convenient place in a bedroom for the fireplace is, of course, opposite a bed, because it is very nice lying on a bed to watch the fire. Fire flames are a great way to calm mind and relieve stress.

Creating a sitting area in fireplace zone.

A fireplace plays a solo part in the bedroom interior. Therefore, it is not necessary to locate in the bedroom trendy pieces of furniture or other exclusive accessories, which may attract attention.

The finishing material is largely responsible for the whole design, which in turn is chosen depending on a bedroom style itself. For example, if you decorate a bedroom in Provence or country style, so in order to emphasize this direction, a fireplace is decorated with artificial stone or fully painted in white color. But for modern or classic English style, it makes sense to leave the natural bricklaying fireplace. Such fireplace ideas are widely used in USA.

Bedroom interior accents of naturalness will shine harmoniously, if you decorate the fireplace setting zone with country style decor items:

  • Stand for a vase, made in the form of a high tree stump;
  • Thin birch or poplar timber, on which beautiful landscapes of forests, fields, meadows, rivers are painted;
  • Decorative natural twigs and dried flowers arranged in clay pots or vases;
  • Openwork chair covers, knitted of natural woolen yarn;
  • Wickerwork and baskets with balls of yarn and knitting needles.

Modern fireplace decorating.

Fireplace area is visually reminiscent of console, which you can decorate with anything:

  • Statuettes;
  • Crafts;
  • Frames with photos;
  • Paintings;
  • Candlesticks;
  • Home amulets;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Globes;
  • Scented candles;
  • Books and other decor items.

When choosing decorations for setting area by the fireplace, remember about the conceptual unity of the bedroom interior design. Therefore, if your room is decorated with a magnificent marble fireplace, so a gilded table clock or a mirror with a carved baguette will organically complement it.

A shiny metal fireplace in a modern high-tech or minimalism styles will advantageously look in shinning million lights emanating from the diode illumination of a painting, which is appropriated to hang over the fireplace.

Some bedroom design ideas with fireplace 2021.

How to complement modern bedroom design with interesting ideas, making the main accent on the fireplace? This question bothers the conservatives, who consider this room as the intimate personal area. After all, only very close people will rest in this place.

Rocking chairs or soft folding sofa in a duet with a barely noticeable transparent glass coffee table – perfect furniture set for a bedroom interior with fireplace.

Paintings with seascapes and floral motifs – great decorations for a bedroom in nautical or Eco style, which are perfectly combining with a fireplace. Refuse from bright and eye-catching pictures in the pop-art style.

An asymmetric mirror, where the dancing fire flames are reflected. It looks impressively over the fireplace. To create fire installation in a bedroom, this mirror should be hanged at an angle, so that the firebox of fireplace could be visible in it.

Table lamps with lush tiered lampshades, wrought iron candlesticks, family portraits in beautiful frames are perfect for bedroom decoration.

If there is little space for the furniture set placement in adjoining fireplace area, so it can be fully replaced with bean bags or a skin of sheep, polar bear, zebra or any other animal.

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