Renovating a bedroom cost in USA 2020

On average every person spends at least one third of the life in sleep. Therefore, there are some specific requirements to the bedrooms. It is hard to sleep whole life in one monotonous room without any changes. Only ultra conservative people can leave like that. But most of people have willingness to remodel their bedroom after a certain time. And, of course, anyone, who wants to renovate bedroom, will face the question of cost of the future reconstruction. Also you need to determine, what changes you want to implement.

Cost For Bedroom Remodeling in USA

It is recommended to change periodically the color scheme of the bedroom, because people eventually get tired of the same color. The good in the case of remodeling is that you will not need to make big changes. The main task is to refresh the interior. Therefore, one of the most significant side of this matter is the selection of color palette and finishing materials, which will be used for the decoration of future interior. Actually, bedroom remodel cost largely depends on these elements.Cost For Bedroom Remodeling in USA 2020

Also you need to consider that remodeling must be performed qualitatively and securely. If you don’t have the appropriate experience, it is better to entrust this engagement to professionals. Thus, you will have to spend some money for the hiring of performers. So a rough list of cost and required materials is the following (the area of the bedroom is 120 square feet):

  • painting work, including priming, sanding – 20-35$ per hour and it will take about 30 hours to paint the room with such dimensions;
  • wallpapers, if necessary – 30-50$ for single roll;
  • paint – 20$ per gallon and at least 2 gallons of paint are required;
  • you will probably want to replace moldings – approximately 200 $;
  • replacement of the old furniture – around 200-500$.

Therefore, you will need at least 900$ to remodel the bedroom in USA 2020.

Cost of A Bedroom Addition in USA

If there are not enough space in the house, probably, the best option will be the bedroom addition. Such type of renovation can be quite costly. You need to perform the installation of heating, electrical wiring, insulation. In addition, you will need to receive appropriate permission from local authorities to add the room. In general, bedroom addition prices depend on its complexity – you can choose luxurious suite or just budget variant without the frills.

The approximate cost of a bedroom addition consists of the nest components:

  • cost of the workforce;
  • placement of walls;
  • installation of roofing, heating, flooring, insulation, electrical wiring and lighting;
  • finishing work.
    In a result, considering these components, cost of bedroom addition with an area of 120 square feet may reach 10,000-25,000$ in 2020. Final prices depend on materials, which will be used for the renovation, and cost of the workforce.

Cost of Bedroom Interior Design in USA

If you want to change the view of your bedroom with new interior design, you have to prepare for certain expenses. But in this case you can minimize the size of spending, if you will think out the design of interior by yourself. It will be a good chance to show your own creativity. In addition, the cost of design services are not cheap and can reach more than 50$ per hour, or fixed fee of 500-10,000$. Final prices depend on the reputation of designer.Cost of Bedroom Interior Design in USA 2020

Approximate interior design bedroom cost without design services include the following components:

  • cost of labor – 20-40$ per hour;
  • wallpapers – 30-50$ for single roll;
  • bedroom lighting – 200-280$;
  • installation of closet organizers – 50-100$ per foot;
  • window trim moldings – 3-8$ per linear foot;
  • baseboards, shelves, door knobs – 70$;
  • installation of flooring – 10-30$ per square foot;
  • painting – around 70$;
  • new curtains and furniture – 500-1000$.
    Therefore, final price of the bedroom interior designing in USA can reach about 2000-2500$.

Cost of Garage Bedroom Conversion in USA

Another one good option for bedroom renovation is garage conversion. This method has some advantages over other types of bedroom remodeling. One of the main tasks during the garage transformation is to select design and usage of large garage doorway. For example, you can install transparent window-door. Also you should ensure proper air conditioning and heating of the room. And, of course, garage floor will not be comfortable for cozy bedroom.

Thus, garage bedroom conversion cost consists of such components:

  • cost of workforce;
  • flooring – installation of carpeting or additional concrete layer;
  • installation of windows and door;
  • installation of heating and plumbing;
  • drywall, insulation and electrical wiring, if it is necessary;
  • painting and finishing work.
    Final cost for garage bedroom conversion in USA may reach about 30,000$ in 2020, but it depends on the complexity of transformation and materials, which you will use.

Cost of Bedroom Decorating in USA

For the decoration of bedroom you will need to change color scale of the room, curtains, wallpapers and furniture. Also, if you won’t attract professional room decorator, you can economize around 1000$.Cost of Bedroom Decorating in USA 2020 So bedroom decorating cost consists of such components:

  • new furniture, including decoration elements – around 700-1000$, this sum depends on your preferences and the price category of furniture;
  • cost of workforce – 20-40$ per hour, including finishing work;
  • painting – 70$;
  • curtains, moldings -80-150$;
  • wallpapers – 30-50$ for single roll;
    Therefore, you will need about 1400$ to decorate bedroom in USA 2020.

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