Easy room redo

If you’re on a budget, spruce up your space in small doses—start with an extra room that you can turn into a guest room or study! 5 easy ways to redo a room.

What to do?

PAINT IT. Changing the color of the walls can easily lend a big impact to small-scale renovations. It’s also the most ideal thing to do if you have a tight renovation budget.


Do it:

1. Thoroughly clean the walls with a vacuum or damp cloth. Remove cobwebs, dust, and other particles.

2. Line light switches, electrical outlets, and moldings with masking tape or painter’s tape to protect them from unwanted paint stains.

3. Fill in any holes or cracks with putty then let dry for at least 4 hours. Sand smooth. Apply a second coat of putty and sand down again if necessary.

4. Coat walls with primer—this is usually just white paint, to make the surface look even when you paint on the actual color.

5. When primer is dry, paint all the walls in you final, desired color, or choose to paint one or two walls for accent. Coat the walls at least twice, but remember to let the paint dry in between coats.

If budget permits, try adding texture to one wall using cladding or wainscoting before painting. Use an off-white color for a cozier feel.


Wallpaper in bright colors and patterns create a bigger impact, and installing it is faster than painting! For this instant wall update, check out the picks below.

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