Merging the bedroom and the balcony into a single room is a worthwhile idea for transforming and renovating your US home. It allows to achieve several objectives with the help of just one design solution. You will increase the area of the room and prevent the balcony from becoming a storage place for unused things. If you have decent imagination, your bedroom-balcony design will be perceived as a real piece of art.

Variants Of Uniting Bedroom And Balcony.

There are three simple variants of designing a bedroom that has a balcony. They are distinguished by the degree of unification.

  1. Two independent rooms with preservation of the separating wall and usage of different design styles and decorations;
  2. Uniting the bedroom and the balcony, but utilizing certain zoning tricks to draw a line between them. This variant is usually opted for in cases that involve large glazed balconies. The additional space may be transformed into a dressing room or a small home office corner;
  3. Joining the balcony to the bedroom with a view to increasing the area of the latter. This variant requires a single design concept to be used throughout the interior.

Creating a small workplace in the newly-adjacent balcony space, take care to finish and decorate the bedroom in soft, calm colors. Add saturated tones to the home office area, as this will help you to set your mind on work easier.

The balcony united with the bedroom can be transformed into an additional sleeping accommodation. Utilize this idea if you often receive guests who like to stay at your place overnight. Zoning the bedroom with the help of finishing is not necessary, but you need to arrange dense curtains to screen the guest bedroom area. Browsing projects delivered by famous USA and UK designers, you may notice some bedroom-balcony combination are handled in the following way: the glazed roomy balcony is utilized as the sleeping area, while the rest of the interior serves for other purposes, such as a home office. Although such an idea is not frequently encountered, it may be of use to certain US home-owners.

A separate dressing zone is a great idea for utilizing the additional space, which you obtain merging the balcony with the bedroom. This idea requires the balcony to still offer a convenient amount of spare room after accommodating a wardrobe and a mirror.

Advantages Of Uniting The Two Areas.

  • Expansion of the room is the first and foremost advantage of the actual merger of the two spaces. You will be able to bring in additional pieces of furniture. For small-size, 1BR and 2BR apartments, it’s one of the few available ways to increase the useful space;
  • The apartment will become more comfortable, and its value will increase – in case you decide to sell it one day;
  • More sunlight will be pouring into the bedroom due to removal of the wall between it and the balcony space;
  • Out-of-the-ordinary design projects become applicable to you home, which enables you to create an intriguing, zestful bedroom.

Design Ideas For A Small Bedroom-Balcony Space.

The lack of square feet is a major problem in the process of designing a bedroom interior, which is why it needs to be reviewed on a separate notice. Due to the insufficient spaciousness, you may have to refuse from utilizing certain stylistic solutions. After fitting into a small bedroom the essential interior items – the bed, bed-side tables, a small wardrobe, etc. – you will have very little space left. Basically, only narrow passages will remain unoccupied with furniture, which may be an inconvenience and a hindrance to your movements.

A small bedroom is one with an area of about 130-180 sq. ft. In order to utilize the space with the highest possible efficiency, refuse from bedside tables. Ideally, the bed itself should have a width of no more than 63-70 in. A tip from professional designers: try not to employ lots of small items in the interior of a small bedroom; otherwise, the occupants of the room will have the impression the space is cluttered. If the balcony that you intend to merge with the main bedroom area is also rather small, consider the option of placing there a bed with a width that matches the width of the balcony itself.

Stylistic Approaches To The Bedroom-Balcony Unit.

Changing the bedroom layout and uniting it with the balcony, you face issues related to creating a decent stylistic concept of the enlarged room. Specific recommendation regarding this are not numerous; they coincide with the the main stages of forming an interior.

  1. Defining the color scheme. The bedroom is intended for relaxation and undisturbed night sleep. That’s why the ideal colors of the wall finishing materials and textile elements are those that produce a calming effect on the room’s occupants. Avoid employing bright, exciting tones; instead, try creating a general pastel background and adding a few juicy accents (colorful sofa pillows, designer floor lamps and other attention-grabbing elements). If the room is located in the south-facing part of the building, use cold tones; if the sun rarely pours its light through your balcony windows, the design concept should be based on the warm range of colors.
  2. Decorative lighting sources will enable you to underscore the additional space your bedroom have obtained, beautifying its interior. Decorative illumination should match the main sources of light in a harmonious fashion and closely echo with the lamps you place on the bedside tables. If you decide to separate the former balcony area with a curtain, consider mounting spotlights along all the length of the curtain rod. This will instantly make your curtains appear as an extravagant art object.
  3. Multiple floor and ceiling levels are a perfect means of creating non-ostentatious zones in the enlarged room. You can elevate the bed onto a podium or build a couple steps leading to the balcony area. As for the ceiling, a popular option is a combination of gypsum-board structures and stretched ceilings. This trick looks fresh and trim, and your bedroom will appear larger and deeper.
  4. Accessories and textile elements should be chosen wisely. If the curtains on the balcony are made from the same material as the bedspreads, your interior will seem integral. A carpet positioned in the center of the room will produce a similar effect. If you employ tall pot-plants with large dark-green leaves, the bedroom-balcony interior will remind of a corner of paradise.

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