Should we think that wallpaper in the bathroom is really necessary? We are used to see ceramic tiles or plastic panels in our bathrooms. However, wallpaper may be a smart option, especially if you plan to create a specific interior design. Nowadays the development of modern construction technologies in USA has made such wall coverings a great solution.

Pros & Cons.

Using wallpaper in the decorating of the the bathroom has positive and negative points.

Disadvantages of wallpaper in the bathroom:

  • The main drawback is, of course, a paper substrate which interacts with moisture.
  • It absorbs moisture at a constant contact with wet air of the bathroom.
  • Hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb water from the air) leads to a loss of wallpaper’s properties.

Advantages of the wallpaper in the bathroom:

  • The first thing you need to pay attention in the room for hygiene procedures is the fact that the wallpaper can be glued on their own.
  • If you tire of your old bathroom design, it can be easily updated by changing the wallpaper in the bathroom. This repair will not require you to have much money. If you suddenly decide to replace a bath or a shower cabin (for example, because of formation of fungus in the bathroom) the simplicity of this process will prevent a lot of problems.

IMPORTANT! It is not recommended to paste wallpaper in the areas of contact with constant streams of water: space above a bath and a sink.

How to choose wallpaper for the bathroom?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Pay attention to the fact that wallpaper should be made of a special impregnating material or have a water repellent. The real defenders with the ability to withstand the warm and humid air are rather few. Among them there is the washable type of wallpaper impregnated with a special liquid that prevents the ingress of moisture in the deeper layers of the material that protects them from disintegration. Easy cleaning of various types of pollution and sufficient practicality will allow them to serve you for a relatively long time.
  2. Vinyl wallpaper is a type of wall coating that is famous for its polymeric coating, that’s why it is very hygroscopic (it does not absorb moisture from the air). So they can easily get away with the repeated exposure to water streams. However, one drawback is still there – it is quite expensive coating. But you should realize that you pay for quality and durability. There is variety of vinyl wallpapers of the so-called self-adhesive type which are perfect for the bathroom. You only need to cut a piece of the desired length, soak it with water and start wrapping the walls.
  3. The liquid wallpaper is popular among US customers who are interested in wallpaper for the bathroom. Their structure is plaster ans it is water-based. Such a coating is usually applied correctly, it can easily withstand the constant moisture, steam, splashes.
  4. It is impossible not to mention the fiberglass wallpaper for bathroom – it can create comfortable, cozy and pleasant environment. If you look closely you nay notice that structurally fiberglass wallpaper reminds thin threads of glass. Practicality of these wallpaper is rather high because they do not absorb moisture since they are made of glass and paper. They can be easily painted any color, so the home design of your bathroom can be easily updated whenever you want.
  5. Wall murals in the bathroom are one more solution suitable for the bathroom. The most interesting ideas can come true with the help of wall murals. They will help you to bring an additional brightness, freshness or juicy colors into your bathroom, most importantly. Don’t forget to choose the rolls of wall murals with moisture resistant coating. Now you can choose your mood yourself: for example, wallpaper depicting cherry blossoms will give your room a calm mood and tranquility.

Bathroom wallpaper design ideas.

No one will say that the bathroom is not so important among the other rooms of the home. It begins your mornings, it gives you cheerfulness for the whole day, it helps to relax after work, so its design requires a special approach and responsibility.

  • Try to choose yellow and orange: yellow color represent comfort, orange color represents activity.
  • Try to divide the color of the bathroom into two parts: let the lower part be of darker tones, while the top – of lighter tones.
  • If you want to have bathroom wallpaper with a pattern or ornament, there is a variety of options available. However, you should remember that large pattern visually make a small bathroom even much smaller, and a small pattern can visually expand your bathroom.
  • The general color tone of the bathroom should be based on its style. For example, you want to perform your bathroom in a hi-tech style, then you will need liquid wallpaper, etc. Variety of fancy colors, drawings, reliefs will help you to get a unique room.
  • If you have a classic style bath, try neutral bright wallpaper of white or beige tones.
  • For such styles as avant-garde, pop-art and some eastern styles you can try to divide your bathroom walls into the parts by using 3 or 4 colors in your design.

So the wallpaper for the bathroom is a decorating material which is sufficiently practical and appropriate. You should just be more careful while choosing it. There are a huge number of variants of interior design solutions with this material, and it means that you have probability to create a comfortable, bright and – last but not the least – unique bathroom.

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