Contemporary approaches to home design create new demands and trends in the USA. One of the most prominent and actual is rational use of space. The thing is that sizes of modern gadgets and household appliances are being decreased, but their number is growing constantly, and we surround ourselves with a great number of things which need being organized. That is why numerous storage ideas for every corner of a house or a flat are getting very popular.

Of course, bathroom is no exception. No matter the size of your bathroom you will definitely need quite a lot of space for storage your bath accessories, towels, numerous bottles shampoos, creams and lotions for your hair and skin, detergents and so on and so forth. If you have a small flat and need to store dusters and other accessories for cleaning in a bathroom, you will show all your imagination and resourcefulness to store all this stuff in one of the smallest rooms in a flat. Let us observe some smart and helpful bathroom storage ideas which were created by modern US designers to make our life easier and more comfortable.

Smart and helpful bathroom storage ideas.

To make storage in your bathroom more convenient and space saving, you may try to use such pieces as:

  1. Shelves and racks.
    There is no denying the fact that shelves are traditional pieces of bathroom furniture providing space for storage. But today designers offer their new forms and applications. For example, you may use simple open shelves of various widths instead of symmetric units which are sometimes hard to place. Such shelves made of natural wood look stylish and may accommodate a lot of little things, from bottles with perfumes to rolled towels. You may place them in any part of a bathroom but the most successful place is on the wall where your mirror is situated. Asymmetric shelves may be placed up to the ceiling. If you have not too much space on the walls but have some space in the corners or between the pieces of bathroom furniture and a bath you may use narrow standing racks made of metal or plastics. Such minimalist decisions will look great in modern bathrooms and besides, they may accommodate a great many of bath accessories without taking much space of a room.
  2. Baskets and boxes.
    Wicker baskets of different sizes may provide both space for storage and esthetic bathroom interior. You may put them one on the other and store smaller things in little baskets while bathroom textiles will be placed into the bigger ones. Baskets will look perfect in bathrooms stylized with the use of ethnic elements or rustic style rooms. If wicker baskets won’t fit well into the interior you may use plastic boxes instead. They may be bright colored or belong to classical palette, printed or monochrome. Don’t forget that in bathrooms the level of humidity is higher than in other rooms. This is why, if you choose boxes made of plastics, check whether there are for ventilation.
  3. Niches.
    Niches present the most efficient space saving techniques because they provide space for storage without taking any centimeter of bathroom’s space. You may equip the niche with shelves of different height depending on the height of various capacities or equip it with a door (or double doors) to equip a full closet in a wall. In this case you may organize its inner space according with your needs. This variant is especially suitable for small bathrooms which can not be equipped with big closets or great quantity of shelves.
  4. Hooks and pockets.
    Hooks and pockets may give some space for storage even when you think that all ideas have already been exhausted. For example, you may use several hooks on a bathroom door and hang your towels or bathrobes on them. The same goes with textile pockets where you can store your hairbrushes, a hairdryer, a couple of bottles and so on. These useful little things may save quite a lot of space in a room and, besides, emphasize strong points of your bathroom design and help you express your creativity. Handmade pockets with names of your family members, patchwork or embroidery will look really great.

Bathroom life hacks.

Beside all issues that were mentioned above, don’t forget about such simple but effective life hacks as:

  • Use of space under the sink. It may be not a traditional locker but an asymmetric shelf, a rolling with hooks, or a box. If you still prefer classic ideas with a sink and drawers below, take into account that an imposed washbasin will save you space enough for an extra drawer.
  • Organizing space under the bath. If you are going to close space under your bath with a special screen use boxes and organizer to arrange the things you will put inside. If you want some fresher idea, arrange open shelving or several drawers under the bath.
  • Such space saving ideas as imposed toilet bowls or washing machines on podiums may also save extra space for your storage needs.

As we see, modern storage ideas are numerous and various, and it is up to you what to choose.

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