The modern bathroom has a specific set of functional accessories which include curtains as the part of home decorating. In addition to its main function – protecting from the leaks of water – modern curtains also possess anti-bacterial, stain-resistant and antistatic effects. They are the complement to any bathroom interior, they may give lightness or darkness to your bathroom or create a mood you like or need. Bathroom design ideas are important within the whole home’s design.

The curtains for bathroom have several main functions that you should consider:

  1. The first and most important function is protection of the floor and the bathroom walls from the water that may lead to different types of damages and corrosion.
  2. The second function is decorative one – curtain should approach the general interior of your bathroom and the one who uses them.
  3. The third function is the visual protection of a naked person behind them which is very important for the combined bathrooms.

Shower curtains – modern designs.

Modern US designers still think that the most comfortable and cozy solution is the corner set of showers. For those who want to be more stylish and Eco-friendly the fabric is still in fashion.

Corner shower curtains.

Corner curtains are still among the smartest ideas of home space management. Some technical characteristics of the installation of sanitary equipment in your bathroom may allow you to set the corner curtains for the bathroom. They can be of two types:

  1. A specially appointed panel designed for mounting into the wall.
  2. Conventional rectangular design which does not require fitting to the wall.

The first curtain can be equipped with sliding doors, the same size as the showers’, as the movable elements are divided into three types:

  • compartment (sliding) type which may be either sliding completely or partially;
  • swing type – in this case both doors swing nay open outwards and inwards and can be universal;
  • folding type.

Fabric shower curtains.

Among the variety of materials in the United States from which curtains for the bathroom may be made textiles looks nicer, more comfortable, practical and expensive. Fabric curtains for the bathroom will serve you much longer than plastic ones. They are usually impregnated with special water and dirt-repelling agent. In addition, these curtains are the most practical ones since they can be washed and ironed that allows you to keep them nice and neat for years. According to the texture and appearance your fabric curtains for the bathroom are divided into several types:

  • satin – this is very cozy and warm material;
  • pearl effect curtains;
  • curtains with a metallic sheen – they perfect for hi-tech styled bathrooms;
  • curtains with photo printing.

Shower curtains for men’s bathroom.

Men’s bathroom is usually framed in dark, often black and gray colors. Minimalism and simplicity are the two basic principles which adheres to a strong half of mankind. But bathroom of the bachelor should be different, too. Choose your personal style – luxury, futurism, vintage or shabby chic – what is right for you. Curtains for the men’s bathroom may be performed repeating the style of the whole room’s design which may be:

  • marble prints;
  • replica of concrete;
  • dark large tiles prints.

Quite often men’s bathroom is performed in black or black and white, but sometimes a bright accent like green, red or blue curtains is very good.

Shower curtains for small bathroom

Nowadays the curtains for the bathroom are not only soft and agile, they may be found in the form of folding shutters which is an ideal solution for bathrooms small in size due to their mobility and functionality. In addition to their beautiful appearance and practicality, these curtains create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Various color and design solutions give the individual vibe emphasizing a subtle sense of taste and style of the owner or the home itself. Choosing the shower curtains you should consider the type of your bath or shower which may be angular, deep or low. If you chose the soft curtains, it is desirable them to be impregnated with water-repellent solution which will greatly facilitate care of it and make them practical. The curtain may be weighted at the bottom with a special decorating thread which does not let your curtain to have a wrinkle and promotes more accurate and aesthetic kind. If you use the bathroom textiles (curtains on curtain cabinets) you may also try to choose slightly translucent fabric for visual enlarging.

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