Probably, there is not one person, who would be indifferent to how stylish, comfortable (and in some cases, even spectacular) looks his own housing. Everyone wants to come home and really relax, enjoy the created comfort and unsurpassed homely atmosphere, for which numerous interior design fashion magazines are “fighting”.

A mirror in the bathroom is a necessary interior element, but how to do something original and stylish?

  1. Speaking about the modern Bathroom Trends USA, it has to be noted, that there is the undeniable diversity options of all mirror kinds for decoration the bathroom. Some people like the minimalist style with its clean lines and small decorative items in the bathroom. Mirrors of the minimalist style have to create the visual effect of increasing open and free space. It is actual to choose overall bathroom mirrors, located on the walls and formed a right angle to each other. Space will visually expand and there will be an illusion of infinite space due to multiple reflections. For a minimalist bathroom design will be great not only rectangular or square form mirrors. They may have a completely unusual asymmetric form – a drop, star or heart, but other details have to be designed in a strictly defined style.
  2. Some homeowners like a rich Empire style, which is also successfully applied to the modern bathroom. The Empire-style bathroom has round or oval mirrors. They should not be necessarily big, but there is appropriate a complex carved frame, created in a luxurious style (like stucco molding or its imitation), which gives the whole bathroom a special spirit of “imperial” period. The most perfect colors for frames are white, ivory, coffee.
  3. There are people, who prefer simple, but really timeless classic with its laconic combination of shades and colors. It is a mirror of standard form (oval, rectangle) and medium size. These mirrors are functional and comfortable, they fit perfectly for the rest interior. If you add to this bathroom mirror a few shelves, which largely refresh the room, the result will exceed all expectations.
  4. And some, in turn, are in love with the country-style. It gives the splendor of bright colors and many decorative components, that emphasize the comfort and warmth mood. This style mirrors in the bathroom are usually chosen not very huge and the shape is mostly round, without angles.

Eight bathroom mirror ideas, that may help to understand, what you want and how it can be reached:

Panoramic mirror world.

The glazing of not high mirrors on the bathroom perimeter looks really spectacular. Maybe not on the all four walls, but surely two ones. The room visually increases in size and becomes very attractive. The main thing – mirrors need be undivided. If you do the mosaic, there will be too much reflections to feel comfortable yourself.

The mirror in the ceiling.

Another interesting technique for making your bathroom more creative – placing the mirror above a sink on the ceiling. It should be better without a frame, as it is already narrow.

French look.

A mirror wall near the bath itself looks wonderful, which still should not stand alone or be to the legs. For an ordinary bath with a screen this option is also nice, but it is worth to think about it before the repair process.

Ethnic motives.

When buying a mirror with the Arab or Asian flavor, it is necessary to arrange for this style the bathroom itself – items on a dark background look very impressive. For Japanese style there can be suitable the combination of black, red and gold. Arab – orange, red and green.

A drop of summer.

Bright colored frame for the mirror every morning can raise your mood. A tempting prospect? Simply select one of the trendy colors – turquoise, coral, yellow, quail, mint, lilac!


A mirror standing on the floor in the bathroom is a real luxury, which not everyone can afford. But if you still have a place, try to place a mirror as widely as possible.

Fashion solutions.

Many design salons offer interesting solutions, giving a chance not to think about what to come up with such a bathroom interior. Salon methods look impressive, but are more expensive.

With own hands.

For decoration a mirror with your own hands, you can use sequins, natural materials or make a frame. For example, to add a beach atmosphere, use seashells.

How to arrange the bathroom mirror, playing with light?

Mirror lighting can be integrated or side indoor. The warm lamp light or extraterrestrial diode lining – choose how to make your life brighter. A wide mirror in a luxurious frame with LED backlight looks stylish and very beautiful. A minimalist mirror with lighting on the perimeter is stylish and comfortable. The perimeter back-light of a large mirror in combination with subdued skylight create a sense of intimacy.

In short, a correctly chosen mirror may greatly transform any bathroom space and turn it into a real style place, whether it is classical or new-fanged trend of minimalism.

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