If your bathroom requires renovation but your pocket is not swollen with money, don’t throw in the towel! It is not only projects full of splendor and expensiveness that professional designers work on. Experts on bathroom interiors have found a number of tricks that allow for updating and refreshing this part of your home at minimal costs.

Modern bathroom ideas in a budget.

A contemporary bathroom interior can be freshened-up reasonably with the use of the ideas below:

  • Unusual lighting fixtures. Built-in spotlight are believed to be the ideal source of illumination in a bathroom. However, an unconventional modern lamp suspended from the ceiling may become the main accent of the space, fitting perfectly into the modern interior. For hi-tech, minimalist and loft interiors, USA designers recommend industrial luminaries, which are distinguished by moisture resistance and no-nonsense appearance. To save a penny on the number of lighting fixtures in a large bathroom, observe two rules: position the lamps above the white bathroom fixtures that are good at reflecting light, and put a rather large mirror on the wall.
  • Bold bathroom eclecticism. If you want to create a non-ordinary modern bathroom interior, don’t be afraid of employing bold combinations and out-of-the-box solutions! A mirror in a forged frame can neighbor with pop-art posters, as well as bright paints with ancient-looking patina, ethnic-inspired decorations with modern bathroom fixtures.
  • Living plants. Although not the most popular bathroom decoration, plants are appropriate in this part of your US home – if it has a window. Pot plants are great at enlivening and diversifying a modern bathroom interior. Opt for the species that require little light and love moisture.

Renovation in a small bathroom: ideas on a budget.

Many owners of homes with small bathrooms can only yearn browsing splendid designer projects – moreover, if limited to a tight budget. But who said that a small bathroom cannot be stylish? Our selection of budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas for bathrooms of moderate area might inspire you for action.

Tiny bathrooms don’t allow for introducing additional decorations and accessories, being pretty encumbered with the essentials. Therefore, complete or partial refinishing of the walls proves the best and most budget-friendly way of renovation. Wall paint is easy to update, so we’ll focus our attention on tricks to lend a new appearance to a tile-covered wall without buying packs of tiles.

  • Replace the worn-out tile grouts – in tune or in contrast to the tiles. The old grouts are removed carefully with a palette knife. After you place the fresh layer, treat it with a moisture-resistant joint filler.
  • Paint the tiles with a solid color or decorative patterns. This idea is rather labor-intensive, but the result is worth all the efforts. You’ll obtain a uniquely painted tile wall, the color of which will perfectly match your design project. Before painting, sand the old tiles to remove the enamel layer, then apply the priming coat. After you’ve finished with painting, apply the finishing varnish coat.
  • Replace the tiles with plastic wall panels. This option is applicable in cases when the wall tiles in your bathroom are cracked or otherwise damaged, and your current budget does not allow for purchasing packs of the ceramic wall finishing material. Plastic panels are extremely budget-friendly in comparison to tiles. In addition, they may produce a decent decorative effect, especially if you opt not for a whole-colored variant, but for a patterned one.

Bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.

A trivial replacement of bathroom accessories and decorations sometimes produces a stunning effect. A couple of fresh touches can transform your bathroom into a lagoon with coral reefs, a jungle lake or a sweet lady’s sanctum. Even when your tight budget restrains you from replacing the tub, toilet bowl and the sink, the minor changes to the bathroom interior are likely to cost within the pocket of yours – and to improve the room’s visual appeal remarkably.

  1. A new large and broad wall mirror in a nice frame will impart the interior with a fresher and modern style, while also adding up airiness.
  2. The most minor items – such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and bath sponges – may add a few bright spots to a neutral bathroom environment.
  3. Handmade soap pieces and aroma candles appease the eye when arranged carefully on a prominent shelf.
  4. A stylish metal towel holder will fit in proudly into a renovated bathroom.
  5. The furniture and the door in your bathroom probably requires renovation as well. Lose no sleep over it and try the decoupage technique or purchase a pile of elegant interior stickers.
  6. New floor mats should appear it your bathroom at least once a year, since they tend to become less attractive-looking over time due to high humidity. If you have a burning desire to renovate the bathroom, try an unscheduled replacement of the floor mat.

The bathroom curtain deserves a separate chapter in this story. It’s rightfully called the “fifth wall” that sets the mood and tone of the bathroom interior. Even if you’ve replaced all the plumbing fixtures and re-finished the walls, your bathroom won’t obtain a truly fresh and renovated appearance with the same old curtain left in its place. Thus, renewing the room, make sure you spend a part of your budget on a new bathroom curtain.

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