The light shades of blue stand for freshness and coolness; they match well with the part of your home intended for attaining cleanness of body and conscious. Light blue invigorates and inspires. It associates with water – rivers, lakes, seas – which is why the color is perceived as a natural appurtenant of a bathroom.

Light blue bathroom ideas.

Light blue bathroom interiors are an example of a timeless design solution that have preserved its popularity over decades. Don’t worry that your sky-colored bathroom might go out of vogue, as classic designs are not subject to the fickleness of fashion. Depending on your preferences, the color scheme may be lighter or darker, bright or pastel. If the room is rather small, prefer pale and fades shades; in spacious bathrooms, deeper and brighter tones are acceptable.

Designing a light blue bathroom in the USA, keep in mind that pale blue shades are a universal background that favors bright accents and welcomes very many options of partnering or dominating colors. In the bathroom context, they combine especially well with:

  • brown;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • green.

Light blue and brown bathroom ideas.

The color brown in bathroom interiors always requires a lighter companion. The visual heaviness of muddy, wooden and terracotta shades needs tempering. Various representatives of the light blue palette – turquoise, aquamarine, sky blue – best fulfill the task. Three win-win solutions are given below:

  • Turquoise/brown bathrooms usually involve light gray or light brown (up to beige) that are good at neutralizing the saturation of the turquoise tone.
  • Sky blue/brown bathrooms are finished taking into account the degree of lightness of the blue constituent: having a fairly intensive sky color, look for its companions in the dark chocolate and coffee palette.
  • Pale (bleached) blue is well-combinable with light brown shades.

An overwhelmingly blue color scheme of the bathroom welcomes wooden-colored furniture or earth-brown flooring. Brown textile elements – window and shower curtains, towels, floor mats, etc. – will appear great against a light blue background. White is acceptable in the form of accents. Its presence may extend beyond the plumbing fixtures to decorative tiling arrangements.

Light blue and white bathroom ideas.

The combination of white and light blue is the favorite color solution of USA designers in the context of bathrooms, although in other parts of the home it appears too cold. We should give proper respect to the idea, as it:

  • Contributes to visual expansion of the space through the presence or abundance of white.
  • Instills the sense of freshness in the room through the addition of light blue.

The solution proves helpful in small rooms that require visual freshening. For tiny bathrooms, such an alliance of colors is a heaven-sent helping hand. Designers’ recommendations provide for applying white to walls and ceiling, and complementing the appearance with blue accents. The important aspect of the light blue/white scheme is that the flooring shouldn’t catch the eye, being of a neutral color.

Sea-inspired bathroom interiors often employ the combination of white and blue, as it associates with sea foam, the immense ocean depth and the eternal canopy of heaven. Such an interior suits well not only admirers of marine landscapes, but also romantic persons who enjoy reflecting and meditating during a bath.

Hint: If you want the bathroom interior to be fresh rather than cold, try replacing perfect white with alternatives from the sweet palette (milk-white, ice-cream, champagne, etc.).

Light blue and gray bathroom ideas.

The color gray blends well into a light blue bathroom interior. It overwhelms the energy of blue softly, making the latter’s presence less active. Combining steel gray and light blue, you’ll create a brutal interior replete with vigor and commitment, which is a perfect embodiment of Hi-Tech style. Add white plumbing fixtures and accessories – and the room will seem filled with snowflakes.

Important note: Avoid combining bright blue shades with gray, as this deprives the interior of the intended unobtrusive elegance. If your bathroom design project does imply bright blue finishing, you have to select a matching dark shade of gray in order to preserve the balance of colors.

Enlivening a gray and blue bathroom through introduction of contrasting accents is a worthwhile idea. Since light blue and gray are well-combinable with orange, try complementing the interior with copper elements, such as mirrors in copper frames.

Light blue and green bathroom ideas.

The green palette is full of half-tones. It includes the colors of:

  • malachite;
  • mint;
  • emerald;
  • jade;
  • forest;
  • duckweed;
  • dried grass;
  • olives, and more.

For the interior to appear fresh and attractive, opt for bright and saturated shades, such as willow-green or grass-green, refusing from swamp-like and dark tones. When placed near white bathroom fixtures and made a neighbor to light blue, bright green welcomes orange, cream-colored or pale yellow accents.

A green/light blue bathroom appears great when fitted with lily-white plumbing fixtures. A nice option is to finish the walls with sky blue, complementing the scheme with green accessories or furniture. However, this combination of colors is so harmonious that it matters naught, which of the two you take as the dominant and which emerges only in the form of accents.

Sea waves are what such an interior associates with. To strengthen the impression, you may employ mosaic tiles involving emerald, malachite or jade against the background of sky blue, sapphire or cerulean, possibly with small spots of dark blue. Such a mosaic will represent the inconstancy of waves, imparting the interior with certain dynamics. Ocean-themed decorations or a large seascape panel picture will be the finishing touch.

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