Yellow bathrooms design ideas.

Yellow in a bathroom interior is an optimistic, bright and cheerful color. It’s able to perk up any moderate-size room in your home, including the smallest one. But an abundance of yellow in the color scheme of an interior may annoy – just like the sunlight that strikes the eye. Prominent US designers insist that employment of the color yellow in bathroom interiors requires certain moderation and carefulness. You’ll need to pick out appropriate accompaniment for the sunny tone from the palette of green, blue, brown and achromatic shades.

Design styles that accept yellow in bathroom interiors are:

  • minimalism;
  • modern;
  • ethnic-inspired styles;
  • country;
  • provence;
  • Hi-tech;
  • classic style.

Advantages of a yellow bathroom color scheme are numerous:

  1. Yellow makes the room lighter, which works in your favor, as the bathroom window is usually very small (if any).Advantages of a yellow bathroom color scheme
  2. Being a bright color, yellow expands the space, making it deeper, more extensional.
  3. It brightens up your mood and lends you positive emotions whenever you take a shower before a long day.

Ideas of employing yellow in a bathroom are also multi-fold:

  • Walls covered with yellow paint.
  • Yellow tiles on the floor or the walls.
  • Yellow bathroom fixtures: bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Yellow textiles and accessories: curtains, towels, etc.Yellow textiles and accessories in USA bathroom

Bathroom ideas: yellow walls.

  1. Yellow walls + white bathroom fixtures + dark floor. White soothes the saturation of yellow walls, adding some “snow” to the “heat” radiated by the sunny color. In whatever way you decide to combine white with shades of the yellow palette (either in equal proportion or with one color dominating over the other), your white and yellow bathroom will inevitably be impressive. Even if yellow is not the leader of the orchestra but only an accent tone, the room is destined to beam with joy.Yellow walls + white bathroom fixtures
  2. Yellow walls + dark orange floor + brown decorations. The combination of yellow and orange instills a light veil of nostalgia for autumn, reminding of fallen leaves. The solution is dangerous, as it involves two sunny shades and you risk “heating up” the interior beyond reason. Border tiles and decorations involving terracotta, brown or chocolate will link together the wall finishing and flooring.Yellow walls + dark orange floor in bathroom

Bathroom ideas: yellow tub and other fixtures.

Yellow plumbing fixtures in a bathroom interior are good neighbors to a dark overall color scheme, for together they will form an extravagant and eye-catching combination. Deep black, sunny yellow and pure white are the trio comprising the optimal color scheme. A picturesque sight is composed of black and yellow checkers on the floor, white walls with canary decorative border tiles, and yellow bathtub and sink. The accent wall may showcase a mosaic mixing together black, gray, white and a tiny bit of yellow.Yellow plumbing fixtures in a bathroom

A bold solution is painting or tiling the accent wall solid black and using it as a background for a yellow counter with a built-in sink, a couple of ocher-colored wall-mounted cabinets and a mirror in a golden frame. The remaining three walls may be white. The sun-colored bathroom fixtures and furniture will weaken the black and white angularity, as if infilling the interior with plashes of sunlight. Designers believe the amber color is always able to instill an atmosphere of passion and joyfulness.

The tandem of black or the coffee color as the background for mosaics involving ocher shades will create an exotic environment for a ethnic-inspired bathroom. The bathtub and other fixtures should be gold-like variations of yellow: golden, sand, ocher, mustard, etc.exotic environment for a ethnic-inspired bathroom

If showing off the high status of your home is the point, try putting gold-colored furniture and plumbing fixtures against a background of burgundy, eggplant or cobalt. US designers insist that the idea is applicable only in spacious bathrooms with large window apertures. Textiles with fine patterns and artificially-aged metal elements will highlight the richness of such a room.high status of bathroom in USA

Bathroom ideas: yellow tiles on the floor.

  1. Yellow floor tiles + green walls. The sunny mood of a hot summer enlaces yellow-and-green bathroom interiors. Perfect yellow makes a good combination with saturated colors such as grass-green or malachite. However, this scheme is somewhat heavy for small bathrooms.Bathroom Ideas: Yellow floor tiles + green walls They would rather welcome pastel yellow walls complemented with light-green, mulatto or pistachio. Floor tiles of cold citrine mate perfectly with lime-colored walls. White bathroom fixtures and gray or brown decorations will neutralize the lurid scheme. Bathroom accessories (floor mats, towels, curtains, etc.) of saturated saffron, pear or honey shades will catch the eye against muted green walls.
  2. Dark yellow floor tiles + light gray walls. The yellow color forms a noble tandem with the gray counterpart. The latter is great at neutralizing the saturation of the sunny shades.Dark yellow floor tiles + light gray walls in bathroom The color scheme suits both classic and contemporary bathroom interiors. The warm, optimistic palette neighboring with achromatic gray surfaces will highlight favorably the severity of a classic interior and the brevity of a contemporary one. A win-win solution is covering the walls with pale gray and using saffron, honey or amber for the tile flooring and decorations.

The conclusion is, a yellow bathroom always appears bright and stylish. The color symbolizes the sun, so you’ll receive a full daily charge of positive energetics every time you take a bath or a shower within such an interior.

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