Very small bathroom ideas

Designing of a bathroom interior often becomes a pain in the neck, because this room is rarely spacious enough to accommodate your brilliant solutions. The renovation of this smallest part of your apartment will inevitably involve compromises between fabulous ideas and rational use of the limited space.

General designer’s recommendations for tiny bathrooms.

  • No unnecessary items. Disorderliness in a tiny space is less probable than in a spacious bathroom. However, you should leave for yourself no opportunity to mess the things up by getting rid of the unnecessary items and reducing the number of decorations.
  • Easy access to frequently used supplies. As for the bathroom supplies you cannot do without, try your best to arrange them within convenient reach, in a tidy and non-random fashion. Various store-bought or handmade organizers will help you achieve this goal. You may also employ the ideas that are frequently implemented in kitchen interiors: hangers and hooks, magnetic strips and other in very small bathroom
  • An elaborated lighting solution. A very small bathroom is unlikely to have a window with natural light pouring in. That’s why you must ensure an abundance of artificial illumination for the space to become cozy and homely. Ceiling lighting and spotlights are the solutions appropriate in tiny bathrooms. You may also use a couple of designer wall lamps to highlight the ceiling, but be sure to opt for comparatively flat lighting fixtures.
  • Visual expansion. Designing a bite-size bathroom, you will surely seek solutions to expand the space visually. The first thing a USA designer would recommend is usage of mirrors. It’s an old and proven way to make the interior deep and filled with light. The trick lies in using a floor-to-ceiling mirror: instead of resembling a patch, it will dissolve in the space, becoming a barely noticeable yet effectual component of the interior.Visual expansion of very small bathroom in USA
  • Comfortable details. Creating a comfortable environment is possible even in a moderately sized bathroom. Cover the floor with a non-wet-table mat made of a material that will be nice to your bare feet. Decorate the room with a beautiful shower curtain or fluffy towels – in short, add those interior elements that embody comfort in your personal opinion.Comfortable details in very small bathroom

10 space saving ideas for very small bathrooms.

When the bathroom is so tiny that you can’t even fit a full-size bathtub in there, it’s time to think outside the box. The ideas below will help you see your incredibly small bathroom from a new perspective.

  1. The wet room. Common in the USA and across Europe, this type of bathrooms was named so because everything within it usually becomes wet after you take a bath. Due to the lack of space, the shower head is often positioned almost directly above the flush toilet, and the drain is found right in the middle of the floor. The solution helps to install everything needed for the daily hygienic procedures within a very small area. If an absolutely open bathing space strikes you as inconvenient, you may employ a shower curtain.small wet room in USA
  2. A wall-mounted flush toilet. Such a plumbing fixture helps to maximize the space in a moderately sized bathroom. The solution has two advantages: firstly, suspended models are slightly smaller than ordinary flush toilets; secondly, the on-wall mounting allows to position the fixture much closer to wall – thus, sparing space for some other needs. As a pleasant bonus, wall-type toilets make the process of mopping the floor much easier.wall-mounted flush toilet in very small bathroom
  3. A compact shower cubicle or a shower tray with a sliding glass curtain. It’s a perfect alternative for a full-size bathtub. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy a bubble bath in hot water mineralized with sea salt, but when the space is extremely limited, it’s a wise and rational solution.
  4. A flat mirror and a narrow sink. Refuse from thick wall cabinets with a mirror facade in favor of an ordinary flat mirror and a shelf beneath it. This will both save up a bit of precious space and allow you to install a narrower sink.flat mirror and a narrow sink in very small bathroom
  5. A roundish sink. Rectangular sinks with right angles may boast a stylish appearance, but if you’re furnishing a tiny bathroom, opt for a fixture with an oval or rounded washbowl.
  6. A sink without a pedestal. Sinks mounted directly to the wall are usually more compact than models designed to top a pedestal or a vanity. Therefore, a pedestal-free sink is easier to fit into a limited space.sink without a pedestal in very small bathroom
  7. An unusual position of the sink faucet. If you change the position of the faucet and install it not by the wall, but on the side of the sink, you will be able to employ a narrower sink without encumbering the tiny bathroom space.
  8. A convenient shelving system. The bathroom walls are a perfect place for storing towels and other bathing supplies. A range of simple open shelves located in a niche or on any clear wall will help you use up the space in an ergonomic manner, accommodating all the necessary items within easy reach.shelving system in very small bathroom
  9. A wine barrel as the shower pan. This solution is the most out-of-the-box in our selection; it requires the home-owner to possess certain personality traits, as well as a burning desire to make his bathroom different – despite its moderate dimensions. All you need to add up such a zest to the interior are a bottom half of an old large wine barrel, a drop of inspiration and barrel as the shower pan in USA bathroom
  10. Distracting maneuvers. You can draw attention away from the tiny size of the bathroom by means of original and bright details: an unusually colored sink, mirrors of a non-standard shape, a striking color solution, etc.
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