Three stylish bathroom ideas for guys

A gentleman’s bathroom is traditionally imagined as dark-colored and minimalist. However, contemporary guys often go beyond these limits: a free-spirited guy would opt for a rough loft bathroom, while a creative young rebel would dare to give the room a pop-art vibe.

Minimalist bathroom design for a gentleman.

Minimum interior items and decorations, maximum convenience and functionality – that’s why today’s gentlemen prefer Minimalism in their homes, particularly in the bathroom.Minimalist Bathroom Design For A Gentleman in USA

  1. Color scheme. The most popular colors in the USA in 2021 are white, black and gray in different combinations with each other. Do not employ more than three tones or more than two colors. Contrasts between light and dark shades are possible, but the surfaces should not bear expressive textures.
  2. Materials. Minimalism is comprehensively characterized by two words: expensive simplicity. The materials you employ in the bathroom should be wear-resistant, visually appealing and high-quality. Create compound finishing solutions using:
    • precious wood;
    • natural stone;
    • metals;
    • marble;
    • polished granite;
    • glass;
    • smooth limestone.Materials for bathroom design
  3. Plumbing fixtures. The absence of decorative elements makes bathroom fixtures more attention-drawing, which means every piece’s appearance and arrangement require thorough elaboration. Even the sink tap is important, as its chrome shine may become the main zest of the interior. Opt for fixtures with taps of angular shape and avoid anything rounded. For a small bathroom, pick up suspended models of the sink and the flush toilet in order to visually increase the spaciousness. The shape of the bathtub (or the shower stand) and the washbowl should necessarily be rectangular or square.Plumbing fixtures in Minimalist Bathroom Design
  4. Furniture. Minimalist furniture has no decorations (such as ornaments, carvings, fanciful handles, etc.) and is usually built-in, which helps free up some additional space. The style rules out any suspended shelves that expose the arsenal of bathroom supplies. A large mirror, however, is welcome; it may be frame-less and large enough to cover a whole wall.

Loft bathroom design for a bad boy.

Loft is the most counter-intuitive and inexplicable interior style. Having emerged at the intersection of boho and underground, it manages to harmoniously combine industrial scope with elegant decorations. Loft offers a swing for creative ideas, its variable and unpredictable character being the most suitable for a free spirit guy.Loft Bathroom Design For A Bad Boy

  1. Color scheme. The style does not actually impose restrictions on the color grade, but the most popular are the following tones:
    • shades of gray;
    • white, pale beige, bleached mulatto;
    • saturated red and blue;
    • dark brown;
    • steel and silver gray.
  2. Industrial motifs in finishing. Their presence is an essential component of any loft-inspired room of your home. Rough plaster-work, exposed brickwork, concrete and other coarse surfaces that employ seemingly low-quality materials are what will give your bathroom the industrial vibe. In their loft bathroom projects, some USA designers even go as far as using expressly rusty pipes as part of the interior concept. However, Loft does not rule out the presence of contemporary high-quality finishing, such as fashionable steel tiling.Loft Bathroom Design for a guy in USA
  3. Plumbing fixtures. The bathtub may be the focal point of a loft bathroom. Its shape should be perfect from the geometrical point of view. Equally suitable are an oval bathtub on old-fashioned legs and a modern rectangular tub that stands on the floor as a monolith. Acrylic or other similar materials are not your only option; chrome-plated metal bathroom fixtures will add up industrial authenticity. If you prefer a shower stand, opt for a transparent or semi-transparent glass one.
  4. Furniture. A loft bathroom interior requires some seating near the bathtub. Examples of appropriate pieces may be a couple of rough stools or an angular wooden bench. Store all the bathroom supplies in open cabinets and small niches. The interior will also welcome retro-styled furniture items and ones that include glass and chrome decorative insertions.
  5. Unconventional decorations. The Loft bathroom concept welcomes both usual decorative elements and those that might be consider incompatible with living spaces. Adorning a loft bathroom, you may employ:
    • graffiti;
    • all kinds of old road signs;
    • abstract paintings;
    • parts of large mechanisms and arrangements composed of them;
    • industrial posters;
    • shiny chrome-plated items
    • designer’s art pieces.Unconventional decorations in Loft Bathroom Design

Pop art bathroom design for a young rebel.

Pop Art is a style based on combinations of loud colors and unthinkable shapes. It’s extravagant, trend-setting and bold – only a man of rebel temper, who has a strong individuality and expresses his creativeness by every possible means, would dare to implement such an uncommon bathroom solution.Pop art bathroom design for a young rebel

The rules of Pop Art are conventional and very flexible, which makes it difficult to regulate them into a well-ordered list. On the other hand, the style is therefore easy to master even for novice designers.

A pop art bathroom is a brightly colored room without heavy dark shades but with abundance of cheerful tones. If it’s your first experiment with this interior style, start with ideas that are easy to reverse:

  • adorn the walls with at least three mirrors of different shapes and sizes;
  • hang a couple to half a dozen skittish colorful posters in plain white frames;
  • pick up a bathroom curtain with a very unexpected pattern (an abstract geometric coloration, a rising kraken, a pin-up-style girl, etc.);
  • if the bathroom is spacious, add a screamingly-colored leather couch as a finishing touch.Pop art bathroom design for a guy

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