30 beautiful relaxing bathroom design ideas

Delivering sheer relaxation and ultimate aesthetic pleasure is the true purpose of your bathroom. Learn the design tricks on turning this chamber into your personal beauty spa.

8 Relaxing Color Scheme Ideas

  1. Pastel shades make the room lighter and “softer.”
  2. Creamy, milk-white, beige, straw yellow and pale pink add up tenderness.Relaxing Color Scheme Ideas
  3. Greenish, mint and pistachio colors will calm you down after a hard day and relieve your visual fatigue after hours of looking at the monitor.
  4. If you employ several pastel shades in one bathroom interior, try zoning up the space and setting up a special mood in each area. Employ wallpaper with creamy or pale pink patterns and stenciled ornaments. Contrasting insertions of dark and cozy colors (such as brown or caramel) are welcome.
  5. White is treacherous. Pure lily-white associates with the sterile condition of a hospital ward. Relaxing in such a bathroom is difficult; you may feel restrained and otherwise uncomfortable. If you’re determined to have a white bathroom, opt for shades such as milk-white, creamy-white, ivory, etc.
  6. The color grade of natural wood is important in creating a cozy, relaxing ambiance.Bathroom color grade of natural wood
  7. The tranquil color gray is neutral, well-combinable with other shades. Several shades within one interior may transit into each other harmoniously – or create a laconic contrast. Worth noting, such a color solution works only in bathrooms with windows, as sunlight prevents the space from being monotonous and tedious.
  8. A gray bathroom spotted with small insertions of white radiates placidity. Use white stripes and patterns on the walls, white textiles and white plumbing fixtures.

Two Beautiful Thematic Bathroom Ideas For Relaxation

  1. Sea breeze. The marine and coastal theme is always relevant in bathroom interiors. Turquoises, mint, sky blue and seashell colors will help you feel the freedom and depth of an ocean. White plumbing fixtures and a light-colored shower curtain associate with sails of ships and sea foam. For an admirable finishing touch, add beach-themed accessories: shells, large decorative pebble, pictures of gulls or denizens of the sea. To sparkle up the interior, create spots of bright red (decorations, jars, scarlet towels, etc.).Sea breeze thematic bathroom
  2. French countryside. Walls of soft lilac, wooden elements, abundance of warm shades, floral patterns, antique interior items and wrought iron decorations – these are just a few of the peculiar features of Provence bathrooms. Country interiors boast of homeliness and affinity to the nature. In such a bathroom, it’s easy to forget about the urban noise, the rat pace of city life and work-related stresses. Textural walls will set the style perfectly, and floral prints on curtains and towels will complement it. For a decent rural vibe, employ vintage accessories, furniture with wrought handles and brass cross-shaped taps.French countryside thematic bathroom

Potpourri Of 20 Relaxing Ideas For Your Bathroom

A. Finishing:

  1. Cozy walls. Roughness and expressed textures make the bathroom appear lived-in. Employ wood-imitating siding, textured paint, decorative plaster or special craquele finishes.wood-imitating for your bathroom
  2. For those who prefer more casual finishing, USA and UK designers recommend the use of several types of tiles of different sizes and textures.
  3. Exposed ceiling beams. In addition to homeliness and raciness, this solution can correct the space visually by means of orientation of the beams.Exposed ceiling beams in bathroom

B. Plumbing fixtures:

  1. A Jacuzzi bathtub is a symbol of total relaxation that goes without saying.
  2. A cask-shaped wooden bathtub of wenge or larch is a unique bathroom piece that forms a perfect design accents.wooden bathtub in bathroom
  3. A hydro-massage shower is a relaxation opportunity for those homeowners, who cannot afford a Jacuzzi tub.hydro-massage shower in bathroom
  4. A horizontal shower system is a solution for fans of unconventional and expensive solutions.

C. Decorations:

  1. Personalize the space. Decorate the bathroom with photographs, memorable things, souvenirs from your journeys or shells from a seacoast where you spent last summer.Decoration of the bathroom with photos, memorable things, souvenirs
  2. Numerous terry towels and a bathrobe hanging on a prominent place will underscore your bathroom’s relaxing ambiance.
  3. If your bathroom happens to have a window with a finely worked burglar bar, reiterate its pattern on the nearby wall or cabinet doors.
  4. Elaborated choice of window curtains results in a strong decorative effect and an enhanced feeling of privacy, which facilitates relaxation.choice of window curtains for bathroom
  5. All the cups, holders and dispensers should be made of metal, glass, ceramics or some other “noble” material. Avoid cheap plastic, as details are what makes the interior a whole.
  6. Store the bathing supplies in glass jars and bowls – their simplicity and elegance will support the tranquil ambiance.

D. Delights for the sight and other senses:

  1. A fireplace positioned in the bathroom will embrace you with the feeling of luxury and tranquility. You’ll enjoy taking a bubble bath and watching the dance of fire simultaneously.A fireplace positioned in the bathroom
  2. Candles are a splendid idea for a bathroom, where installation of a hearth is impossible.
  3. Arrangements of greenery (pot-plants, vases with flowers) will freshen up and enliven the bathroom. Beholding of the nature will grant you the serenity of mind.greenery in the bathroom
  4. If live plants are not an option because your bathroom lacks windows, think about artificial plants and flowers. See that they are high-quality and look quite real.
  5. A Hi-Fi stereo system will help you achieve ultimate relaxation while listening to your favorite music or nature sounds.
  6. A small decorative fountain is another source of calming, soothing sounds.A small decorative fountain in the bathroom
  7. Fill the bathroom with your favorite aromas. Many stores offer a range of interior perfumes. Oriental incense sticks, scented candles, sachets with aromatic herbs and essential oils are some other great fragrant ideas.

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