Planning a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation plans:

• Include a walk-in shower.

• Decide on a hotel-style decor.

• Make bath a focal point.

• Design an attractive vanity unit with useful storage.

What was the room like?
It had been converted from a bedroom, but no thought had gone into the layout. The 25-year-old loo was positioned in a far corner, a tiny shower cubicle in another and a bath in the middle. It was disconnected and unwelcoming; we never spent more than 10 minutes in there.

Bathroom renovation ideas.
I was inspired by smart hotel bathrooms and wanted a contemporary design that wouldn’t date hotel bathroom in the USA

Usually I know just what I want, but I needed help with the layout and plumbing. I looked for a designer who would maximize the space and create something really wow!

Your US designer made all the difference.
I found Max Spencer-Morris while searching the internet for a local bathroom design company. I loved the look of the projects on the website and we turned up unannounced at the showroom to chat through some ideas. We liked what Max had to say, though were a little skeptical when he called just a day later to tell us he’d produced a design to our brief. But we were amazed by what he’d come up with and how he’d tuned into what we wanted. Once we decided to go ahead with his scheme, the design fee was waived.

Bathroom renovation plans

Did you change the room?
Essentially it stayed the same. It’s an old house, so the walls had to be plaster-boarded over to make them straight. The joists were strengthened to take the weight of the bath and a half-wall with a glass panel was built to create a walk-in shower.

Repair bathroom tiles. The walls and flooring work so well together.
Initially I’d wanted all-marble floors and walls to continue the theme of our gorgeous wall-hung vanity unit. Max persuaded me not to because of the cost and steered me towards porcelain. I’m not a great fan of tiles as I don’t like grouting, but these are so large that the grout lines are minimal. The off-white walls complement the tiles beautifully.

What have you learned? Bathroom renovation tips.
It’s worth paying extra for a great look. When it comes to plumbing, lighting and the latest products, a good US designer can come up with ideas you’d never have thought of.

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