Pictures for a bathroom decor

Days, when you could just cover the walls in the bathroom with plain paint, thinking that it is a really special design, have already passed. Today much more actual are complex patterns and unusual prints. And still the bathroom should not lose its functional purpose, because only then it will be really convenient and practical.

Wall pictures decoration options.

Picture bathroom decoration is a little different from all other premises decoration. There is always a high humidity and, therefore, you can not use here the ordinary wallpaper and a standard paint for the walls. What are the popular options for picture finishing of walls?

  • Painting the walls with a special moisture-resistant paint. This is the budget and practical decor option.Pictures on walls in a bathroom
  • Using of large ceramic tiles that create a particular pattern. This is probably the most popular option for the from ceramic tiles
  • Small mosaic tiles, which are placed in a particular picture. This wall design always looks from mosaic tiles
  • Application of a special oilcloth or thick wallpaper created just for a bathroom on wallpaper in a bathroom

All these options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the using of water-resistant paint is a little impractical, because the picture begins peeling off in a few years, the paint looses its look and a bathroom looses its presentable appearance. Still, the wall decoration of this style has a distinct advantage – the maximum variety of finishes. With the help of this paint you can create patterns and pictures that simulate waves of the sea, fish and whales.

Tile pictures – some possible options.

The best option for bathroom finishing is a tile. If you prefer to see a picture on the bathroom tiles, then consider some of the nuances. In small bathrooms there should be used pictures that will not exceed the size of one tile. If you use a large image, it is possible to visually bring the wall to the observer. This option should be used, if your bathroom resembles the corridor. Picture of dark colors will also look good in small spaces.

If you want to create a unique picture design that will surprise all guests and will delight you, so use photo-tiles for the bathroom. In fact, it is the usual ceramic tile with the only difference – it has a pattern inflicted on the surface. Here you can choose from ready-made samples or come up with your own picture.

Possible options for photo-tile images.

  • Nature pictures (seaside, exotic countries, juicy fruit, underwater world, forest animals);
  • Your personal photos. Tiles look good with black and white photos, vacation photos, sharing photos with your loved one;pictures from personal photos in a bathroom
  • Baby theme. Cartoon characters, funny faces, the first pictures of your child – all this will fill the space with light and create a good mood;Baby theme of pictures in a bathroom 2020
  • Renaissance paintings – great masterpieces reproductions, which add a unique charm to the bathroom interior.Renaissance paintings in a bathroom

Pictures on a floor.

Today modern US designers offer many interesting and stylish solutions that will help to transform even a floor into a work of art. You may use among the most popular and great ideas of floor pictures for your bathroom.

  1. Checkerboard. This is a classic design that will help to create a simple and stylish floor in the bathrooms. It will always look amazing. This option is always out of time and fashion.Chessboard on a floor in US bathroom
  2. Patterns. An explosion of colors and richness of patterns. The eclectic floor will become an original decoration of your bathroom, from which it will be really hard to look away.
  3. Mosaic. Luxury and unexpected design will make the bathroom really unique. Options may be different – from delicate to incredible.Mosaic floor in a bathroom
  4. Herringbone. Rainbow design is created in the form of a chevron pattern, thanks to which a bathroom looks fun – ideal for young people.Herringbone floor in a bathroom 2020
  5. Hexagon. Small hexagonal tiles have an amazing ability to create a simple picture of the vintage style.Hexagons floor in a bathroom
  6. Floral motifs. From small hexagonal tiles of two contrasting colors you can place a variety of patterns. Floral motifs will look charmingly.

3D pictures in the bathroom design.

3D pictures in the bathroomNowadays 3D pictures in a bathroom are gaining an increasingly great popularity. Usually they are made in the form of liquid 3D floor. It is a recent innovation, that firstly was used in hotels, malls and offices.

Because of high humidity, floor and walls should be hermetically sealed and keep water out. Before the advent of 3D printing, the most appropriate coating for the bathroom floor and walls was ceramic tiles. But unlike the 3D floor, joints between tiles can absorb moisture, they collect dirt and it gives some inconveniences. Besides tiles easily cools down and after a hot shower or bath it is uncomfortable to stand on a cold floor. 3D floor does not have these drawbacks, it is monolithic and warmer than tiles. Typically, such an interior costs a little more expensive than others, because of the photo printing.

Opening the bathroom door and stepping its threshold, the first that we can see is a floor. Exactly the floor became the place for US designers, where their flight of imagination can move on us at the sea shore with a realistic surf, or immerse us in the ocean, where colorful exotic fish, dolphins and sharks are swimming.3D floor in the US bathroom

Interesting and realistic three-dimensional pictures on the floor or walls in the bathroom, not only visually increase the space around, but make it one of the most attractive place of your house or apartment. Such a spectacular and unique design may easily freshen the whole bathroom interior and become the main highlight.

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