Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

A luxury bathroom offers ways to relax in the grand style. Its distinctive features may be sophisticated decorations, custom-built furniture or exclusive finishing. This article will illuminate the variety of deluxe bathroom fixtures, review the luxury notion in the context of various design styles, and list the top six 2016 luxury ideas for bathroom pushed forward by famous USA and UK designers.

Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom begins with the plumbing fixtures, and beautiful pieces are needed to prop up a room that claims to be luxurious. Popular ideas are:

  • a free-standing bathtub;
  • a high wall-adjacent bathtub with a couple stair-steps to approach it conveniently;
  • a large bathtub sunk into a podium to appear a mini-pool;large bathtub sunk into a podium
  • a bathtub with additional functions such as hydro-massage (Jacuzzi) and aromatherapy to create a home day spa.

Expensive fixtures made of natural stone will make your bathroom radiate the ambiance of exclusiveness. If you can afford a sink of petrified wood, granite or onyx, it will definitely solve the issue of your bathroom’s status value. Certain USA and UK designers draw up luxury collections of plumbing fixtures of polymer chips or crushed stone, which stick in heels of natural materials in terms of elegance and sophisticated appearance.natural stone in luxury bathroom

Designer’s collections of luxury bathroom fixtures are generally subdivided into three main categories:

  • “Antique” collections often have wood-covered fronts, along with bronze and brass elements;
  • Classic pieces are characterized by amorphous shapes and decorative complements. Besides the classic lily-white color, they happen to be light blue or beige;Classic decorative complements in luxury bathroom
  • Hi-Tech collections offer clear lines and geometric shapes, all made in metal or matted chrome and complemented with scarce decorative elements.Hi-Tech luxury bathroom

Bathroom Interior Styles Aspiring To Luxury

  1. French Chic is distinguished by abundance of gold plating and gesso sculpture pieces, with a free-standing bathtub on lion paws that towers on a podium in the center of the room.french chic in luxury bathroom
  2. Classic English Style welcomes precious wood panels, a wooden vanity, “antique” brass plumbing fixtures, a free-standing bathtub with curved legs, soft lighting, and brass or gilded accessories.
  3. Japanese Style has luxury variations as well, despite its usual austereness. It’s characterized by the use of natural materials only, a traditional barrel-shaped bathtub (ofuro), dominance of natural colors and absence of unnecessary details. The combination may be complemented with hi-tech devices.
  4. Roman Style requires Venetian plastering on the walls and non-trivial columns reminding of rotundas.Roman style in luxury bathroom
  5. Tropical Style imparts the bathroom with a special chic and atmosphere. It implies generous illumination, a color palette ranging from warm to hot, numerous beautiful large-leaved pot plants and bright attributes standing against the background of rather modest furniture and fixtures.tropical-style-in-luxury-bathroom
  6. Glamor Style strives for shiny surfaces, pretentious decorations and a host of mirrors in metal frames.

2016 Luxury Design Ideas For Bathroom

Trends vary from year to year in the luxury segment of bathroom design. Some of the this year’s deluxe trends promoted by renown designers may make you gape.

  1. Designer tiles on the floor. Unconventional bathroom flooring’s won popularity last year, and they continue to grasp it tight even today. Such a solution immediately creates a luxury appearance and offers a range of design opportunities. It creates an extravagant style in smaller rooms and adds up elegance and chic to larger spaces.Designer tiles on the bathroom floor
  2. Live plants in the bathroom. With the whole world going green and Eco, the luxury style of interior design cannot but meet with this trend. Someone may be afraid to employ live plants in the bathroom, but designers reassure: a cascade arrangement of clambering plants is a good way to enhance the level of sophistication. If you clamor against regular pot plants as an insufficiently luxuriant solution, have a close look at the so-called vertical gardens that usually cover a large section of the wall. Besides introducing an Eco-style sensation, the greenery adds up freshness to the interior.
  3. Spacious shower stands. The larger is the space to take shower in, the better. Or so believe many USA and UK designers of bathroom interiors. In top-range projects, they tend to refuse from cumbersome bathtubs in favor of extra-spacious shower cubicles with transparent glass or blank wooden walls.
  4. Bathrooms adhering to the dwelling’s overall style. The bathroom may become a continuation of the bedroom or the living room. It should reflect the overall stylishness of the home, which applies to the entire interior concept, including furniture and plumbing fixtures. An unexpected but gorgeous solution is to complement a spacious bathroom with items originally intended for the parlor: a patterned strip of carpet, a leather couch, art pieces on the walls and elegant lighting fixtures, including a chandelier.Bedroom bathroom combo idea
  5. Multi-level illumination solutions. The bathroom should attract with soft and romantic lighting, but additional light near the vanity or the wall mirror is a must. For an enhanced and dynamic illumination, designers of luxurious bathroom interiors recommend arrangements of LED lights. The solution is both beautiful and modern; moreover, it allows for building-up inimitable lighting images within the interior.Multi-level illumination solutionsin bathroom
  6. Custom-ordered vanities. Although custom-built pieces have always been a sign of real luxury, this year they’ve probably reached the highest wave of popularity. Vanities made by an individual scheme offer deluxe designs, unique shapes and unbelievable combinations of materials to make your bathroom truly exclusive and unparalleled.

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