Long narrow bathroom design ideas

Designing the interior of a long narrow bathroom requires a wise and proper choice of finishing solutions and plumbing fixtures. It may be difficult to achieve the sophisticated balance of practicability and aesthetic appeal, but the harder the design challenge, the prouder you’ll be as a home owner after accomplishing it.

Visual deception as the cornerstone of success.

Pushing the boundaries of a long narrow bathroom is not possible in actual way, but pro USA designers can offer you an arsenal of tried and true tricks for visual expansion of an interior space.

Mirrors are the simplest way of remedying the situation, for their reflecting properties and decorative effect make an incommodious room remarkably wider and cozier in the eye of beholders. You’re free to place the mirror wherever you like: on the walls, in the corners, or even on the ceiling.

Hint: Scheming to arrange a mirror on the ceiling, purchase a square one, as a long rectangular piece positioned length-way will make your bathroom appear even longer and narrower.

As for wall finishing, designers recommend reflective coating or glossy ceramic tiles of small size. Mosaics represent a perfect option, as tiny elements will expand the narrow room visually, while adding up depth to the interior. Light gray and light blue shades are capable of slightly pushing the walls in the beholder’s eyes. If you feel like something more unconventional, look closer at the recent year’s novelty – ceramic tile murals. A wall-size image that steals your eyes and makes you look into the distance is a reasonable choice of an owner of a long narrow bathroom.wall finishing in long narrow bathroom in USA

Hint: Finish the narrow walls with a darker color to make them seem closer to each other.

Increasing the flooring area visually is possible through laying the tiles diagonally. Tiles of moderate size are recommended for the floor as well as for the walls. The more small tiles your floor accommodates, the larger the room will seem to you in the end. Finishing materials of light colors both on the floor and walls are your best choice for disguising the drawbacks of your long narrow bathroom. Prolific dark and bright colors, on the other hand, are not acceptable in such a room.laying the tiles diagonally in long narrow bathroom

Hint: The larger the part of the floor that remains free of furniture and plumbing fixtures, the more spacious the room will look. Thus, don’t encumber the bathroom with unnecessary floor-standing pieces.

Bathroom fixtures as chess pieces.

Positioning the washing machine (if you have one) in a long and narrow bathroom without spoiling the design concept is an eye-watering challenge. A reasonable solution to this issue may be a tandem of the clothes washer and the sink. The washbowl can be arranged on the top of the appliance, so that the two major items together take up as little space as each of them would if placed separately. The disadvantage is, this solution may cost you a bomb, as it requires the machine and the sink to be of the type specifically designed for such a combination.Positioning the washing machine in narrow bathroom

When choosing a flush toilet for your bathroom of a long and narrow shape, opt for suspended models rather than floor-standing. Such a ‘porcelain throne’ appears compact enough, takes less valuable space and makes mopping easier. Another option is a corner flush toilet placed in an empty corner of the bathroom.

For the plumbing fixtures and furniture not to encumber the room, try ‘dissolving’ them in the interior through opting for transparent glass pieces rather than traditional materials. Pursuing this purpose, you may have a closer look at glass shelves and cupboards, which won’t be pulling the walls together.Glass in long narrow bathroom in USA

A bathtub or a shower cubicle? Each home owner burdened with the need to design the interior of his long narrow bathroom should decide on the answer in accordance with his preferences. From the practical point of view, the cubicle is advantageous; however, those who enjoy lounging in a tub filled with gentle bubbles and foam must not sacrifice their comfort. US designers recommend against roundish bathtubs in a long and narrow room. A fixture of rectangular or asymmetric shape would be a wiser choice. A piece with glass insertions is better yet.

Hint: By installing the bathtub or the shower stand along the narrow wall, you will broaden the room visually.

Other hints and ideas.

  1. Complicated ornaments are acceptable in a long bathroom. Horizontal patterns on the narrow walls and small patterned tiles on the floor will create the required illusion of expansion.Complicated ornaments in long narrow bathroom
  2. Lighting should be abundant in a bathroom of the unhandy shape. If you’re lucky to have a window in this room, the lighting issue may well be considered solved. Just decorate the aperture with a light curtain and enjoy the sunlight. As for evening lighting, don’t cheap out and use lamps that give bright illumination for every corner.
  3. A compact corner sink is an idea that allows for saving up some space in the lower part of the room and expanding it visually. Add a bright or unusual tap to transform the sink into an interior highlight.A compact corner sink in long narrow bathroom
  4. The position of the shower curtain may have an influence on how the room is perceived. If the bathtub stands along the long wall, keep the curtain open. If the tub stands at the narrow wall, no specific recommendations should be observed. However, with the curtain closed, the long room will appear shorter.
  5. Minor details are not welcome in a long narrow bathroom, as they bring in a sense of confusion. Thus, the trendy designer trick of arranging several small mirrors on a bathroom wall is not appropriate either.
  6. A single bright eye-catching accent is sufficient. It may be an unusual lamp, an exotic pot flower, a colorful shower curtain, etc.
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