How To Remodel a Bathroom

Bathroom is a place that is not immediately seen on your entrance to the house, however, you will be spending a great amount of time there. This is why if you decided to remodel a bathroom, it’s worth giving consideration to today’s design trends in renovation, planning, and decoration. These tips will help you to get the most out of your bathroom transformation.

Most  US homes today have more than one bathroom, with some houses featuring an en-suite for every bedroom. The most luxurious homes feature more bathrooms than bedrooms, having a toilet and a sink for routinely used guest areas, such as the living room and an outdoor veranda or next to the pool.

Bathroom essentials.

The most essential point of the bathroom is its size. If you are remodeling, you may consider moving a wall to allow for more space in your wet area, assuming there is somewhere to expand. By simply enlarging your bathroom, you will be able to give it a more comfortable and stylish feel, and also have more space to play with.size of bathroom in USA

Traditional bathrooms were built as utility rooms, without regard to their design value. Many bathrooms, even in the most ample homes, are tiny, and a person of a larger size would struggle to turn in these spaces. It is not unusual for even modern architects routinely choose the typical sizing for a bathroom, and as a result you may end up with a minuscule restroom in a brand-new house, all because you didn’t pay attention and hadn’t checked the actual sizes.


When you are remodeling a bathroom, as usually you will start with planning. If you decide not to alter the size of the room, the next checkpoint to consider is your budget. You may spend $10,000-20,000 on a single bathroom if you wish, this is why deciding how much you are prepared to spend beforehand should be you first stop.bathroom renovation and budget in USA

Depending on your budget, you will be able to plan your fixtures and finishes, decide what tiles and fittings to choose, and whether to replace everything in your bathroom, or only some things.

If you have flexible time limits, consider purchasing from online auctions, Ebay or Aliexpress. These websites list the same things you may find you your local warehouse, only 4-5 times cheaper. Online vendors offer delivery by courier from China at only $40, and 3-4 week delivery by a regular airmail parcel for free. For budget-conscious, it could be an ideal solution. Check the vendors feedback and how long they have been in business. If they have been selling online for years, you may be pretty sure the parcel will arrive and items will be as described. Many smart renovators and even professional interior designers use sourcing from Chinese websites to deliver amazing results to their clients (and healthy profits to themselves).

Current bathroom design trends.

Among modern design trends for bathrooms is building a wet room, which includes showers but no shower cabins. This is achieved by using a larger space where splashing water doesn’t reach out too far. The walls are tiled to the ceiling and water is collected through long drains placed parallel to the wall. It look very stylish and minimalistic, in line with today’s luxury design trends. Oftentimes multiple shower heads are installed, for different purposes.wet room design №2 wet room design №1

Naturally, if you have space constraints, a wet room design won’t work. In tight spaces, you will win by using unframed glass for the shower cabin, which visually makes the room appear larger. Having a large mirror on a wall will add some roominess, too.


When you remodel a bathroom, the who things you do not want to keep are your sink and the toilet. Those wear out pretty quickly, and new ones are rather inexpensive. Replacing these fixtures will immediate provide a fresher feel, even if you do not change too many other things.

There is no need to buy the most expensive toilets and sinks. Choose wisely within your budget. Make sure the size corresponds to the overall dimensions of your lavatory, with smaller fixtures making the space appear bigger than it is.

The one fixture many people are getting rid of today when refurbishing is the actual bathtub. To fill up a bath takes a lot of water, and with current restrictions and water prices, people are not using these things as much as they did in 1970’s. Most people elect to remove a bathtub, which allows them to have more space for cabinets and things they actually for cabinets and things

Final remodeling tips.

Remember that all electrical and plumbing jobs have to be done by licensed installers.

Waterproofing certificates for wet areas (such as showers) may be needed, if these are required in your US state.

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Ask your friends and acquaintances to recommend reliable tradesmen. Those are not easy to find those days.
Always get at least 3 quotes for any job. You will be surprised how much you can save, as some quotes for a simple job may be 2-3 times higher than others.

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