How to Decorate a Bathroom

Whether you are decorating a new bathroom in your home or refurbishing, it can utterly change the look and feel of the place. The combination of colours and textures may provide a tranquil or invigorating feeling, make you feel comfortable or on edge.


Being a wet room, one of the most essential elements of the bathroom decoration is tiling. The colour you choose will determine the overall feel of your lavatory. Today we have amazing ranges of natural stone and ceramic tiles available in stores, which allow for unique artistic solutions in any style.natural stone bathroom tilesnatural stone bathroom tiles 2

For common areas such as living, you may wish to choose something looking impressive. Natural stone always loos stylish and may be made to appear understated or striking with the selection of colours.

New style ceramic tiles may achieve the same effect. Tile stores offer free design services when you buy there, so if you are lost for ideas, don’t hesitate to ask them for help. They will draw 3-dimensional designs of your bathroom on their computers, and even show you how selected tiles will look on your walls.

Check design ideas and photos online to find something you may want to replicate. It’s always easier to decide what you like when you see it already implemented.

You don’t have to use the same tiles for every wall. Most people use contrasting floor and wall tiles, but you can also use different colour tiles for different walls, inside the shower etc.contrasting floor and wall tiles in the bathroom

A full-length mirror on one of the walls, surrounded by feature tiles, could add space to the room and provide full view of outfits for those who like to dress up.Mirrored Walls in bathroom

You can tile your bathroom to the ceiling or stop at 2/3 of the wall. This will cut down your costs.


Top and bottom cabinets will provide essential display and storage space for your bathroom. Those can be done in the same colour or different shades. Remember, adorning your space is always about colour combinations. If everything was the same colour, it would be extremely boring.BATHROOM CABINETS

Marble or granite tops will look amazing but if you do not have the funds to splurge, you can get some less expensive composite stone, or even laminate. Today’s materials look impressive even if a budget range.


  • Remember to have space and fixtures for holding your toothbrush within easy reach, maybe planning a built-in liquid soup holder, although those may be proven tricky to clean. Towel holders, at least for the hand towels, should be within your grab when you are washing your hands at the sink.
  • For your bath towels, consider a heating towel drier, which come in variety of colours and shapes. If you live in a colder climate, this can be great for keeping your towels dry and warm.Bathroom details
  • An essential fixture if the shower niche or shelf. It’s surprising that not many modern houses include a built-in shower niche for shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, and we have to install shelves later. If you have the ability to built a niche on the stage of bathroom design, it would be a great relieve. If not, think about adorning your bathroom with a shelf that is not easily breakable.
  • You will be able to learn more about the current fitings of design from the previous our article.

Bathroom TVBathroom TV

A cool trend is to have a TV in your bathroom, hidden behind the bathroom mirror. You can even opt for a DIY version, by purchasing mineral glass and TV and having it installed. Top hotels in Asia have been using it for a few years, and now this idea found its way into people’s homes. Since we are constantly in front of a screen those day, why not have one in your bathroom?

Light fittings

Gone are the times when a single light was hanging from the ceiling. Modern light fittings help us to feel at home and provide comfort day and night.

For example, the usability feature offering motion sensors and dim lights for your bathroom may prevent you from falling down or hitting your head when walking around at night, and not wanting to switch on bright lights. The motion sensors activate floor or wall mounted spotlights, which are sufficient to see at night and easy on your eyes. The lights can be white or coloured, for instance, blue LED lights are very popular today.Bathroom Led lighting

Cabinets could be also decorated by cable LED lighting on the bottom. Strategically placed down lights will provide sufficient illumination with low voltage and energy spending.

Decor ideas

Beautifying your restroom is not only about fittings and fixtures. It is common to find vases with flowers and potpourri, wall paintings, and mirrored makeup tables in these spaces today.

The simplest way to change the way your bathrooms looks and feels is by changing the colour of your towels and bath mat. You can instantly add a bright spot or add tranquillity to the space by choosing neutral colours.

Remember to install a powerful ceiling fan in your bathroom, otherwise you beautiful decor and paint on the walls may not last long. Some people elect to connect the fan switch with the light switch on the shower.ceiling fan in your bathroom

All installation of light equipment must be done by a certified electrician.

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