Design ideas for small bathrooms

Everyone who has a small bathroom wants to make it a cozy, beautiful place and at the same time a comfortable room where all necessary things will be nice compacted. To create a design for such room is not an easy thing. Here it should be taken into consideration a lot of factors including the exact square of the room, the number of possible cupboards, the preferable material, lights and other things which all together will create the view of the bathroom.

There are some tips that can help to make your bathroom look spacious, exquisite and convenient.

Things you should avoid in a small bathroom

  • Constructions which stick out from the walls and door are not the correct choice for a small bathroom. It steals the space and doesn’t have a fetching view.
  • Avoid huge bathroom vanities. Even though such things are really pretty and comfortable for keeping your things in order, they can’t be served as reasonable items for your bathroom décor.
  • Placing floor tiles on a straight line is not a good idea, because your bathroom will look smaller.
  • There shouldn’t be dark colours. Do everything possible to lighten your room, use lights in the ceiling, walls, decorate the mirrors and sink area with lights. It will enlarge the room and fill it with warmth and coziness.the lit bathroom
  • A multicoloured bathroom is not the best choice for this situation. It may look funny but it grabs the space and your eyes will be tired looking at too complicated colours. Pastel paint colours with minimal number of pictures will work here better. If you want to make the whole view more interesting bring in texture, but not colour.

Proper solutions for a small bathroom

  • Choose a sink with an underneath which can serve you as storage you need. It will help you to keep all necessary things in order and hidden which will not strike the eye when you enter the room.sink for small bathroom
  • You should choose the right door for your bathroom. It should swing out but not in. Pocket doors is also a good variant.Pocket doors for small bathroom
  • Don’t try to put as many as possible things of décor in your bathroom. Choose a few expensive elements which can help the room to look chic, interesting and organic. Items of glass are very suitable here because they don’t make the room busy.
  • A bathroom seems to be bigger when there is a pedestal sink. It shouldn’t be huge and it should match the whole room.
  • If you want to hang fabric shower curtains then it is better to reconsider this idea. It is much better to use shower doors instead. The best material for them is glass or translucent plastic.
  • When you need a lot of shelves to put your accessories on pay attention to the material they are made of. Wood and even plastic will not work great. Give preference to glass. There also can be cupboards with mirrors which will visually enhance the in a small bathroom
  • Fabulous light will certainly be a zest. Lighting plays here a very important role. Correctly used light will give the illusion of a spacious place. You can install lights everywhere it is possible, for instance near the mirror, in empty corners near the bath and even on the floor. Unexpected forms of lamps will create an original look.
  • Monochromatic flooring will also give the appearance of a larger space. The  tile should be of the same colour.Monochromatic small bathroom
  • If you are afflicted with an idea to see any pictures in your bathroom you can hang a painting matching the palette of the bathroom. But make sure it will not be spoiled by water.
  • Select expensive and gorgeous accessories for the bathroom. Luxury towels, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, taps and other things will certainly please your eye.gorgeous accessories for the bathroom
  • Even though your bathroom doesn’t have enough space you don’t have to restrain yourself in creating something cozy and adorable. This is a place where you want to feel comfortable and where all things in this room should make the general style and be mutually complementary. As such small bathrooms need less material than big ones you can allow to choose not cheap variants for the design. Give due attention to your bathroom and you will be satisfied to see the beauty of the place you enter each time.

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