Classic bathroom design ideas

The classic style is perceived as a perfect mix of eye-appeal and luxuriousness, elegance and sophistication, practicability and rationality. Let’s review some ideas of bringing these notions to life within your bathroom.

The bathtub.

Bathtubs of unconventional design or unusual shape and color are not forbidden by the classic style; however, a more traditional option of light colors is desirable. The list below includes a few classic ideas.

  • A bathtub on elegant carved legs appears highly appropriate in a classic-style interior.
  • Brass or bronze legs will match perfectly an interior of a soft, pastel color scheme, instilling a slightly bohemian vibe.bathtub on carved legs
  • In a rather small bathroom, it’s reasonable to install the bathtub in adjacency to a wall. Decorative panels often cover the fixture on all three sides, with light-colored ceramic or stone tiles employed.
  • In a spacious bathroom, you can install the bathtub so that its narrow side is adjacent to the wall, which thus serves as a headboard. This fashion allows you to approach the fixture from three sides, enhancing convenience.
  • Placing the bathtub right in the middle of the bathroom, you instantly change the perception of the room, imparting it with a certain hint of royal luxury. A lily-white bathtub would appear the most attractively against a dark brown wooden floor in such circumstances.Placing the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom
  • If the bathroom boasts of a rather spacious bow window, it’s the perfect spot for a bathtub of an unusual shape. Such a position proves presentable and rational.bathtub of an unusual shape

The sink.

The classic trend of the recent decades implies installing two full-fledged sinks with all the accessories within one bathroom, as proved by numerous projects of  USA designers. If the size of the room permits, two sinks or washbowls will very soon repay for their installation with incredible convenience and time-savings in the morning and evening. It is especially true if you have many home-mates. A few ideas on successful implementation of this solution are provided below.

  • Positioning the two sinks near each other, perpendicular to the bathtub, you’ll save up some space and combine the functional segments of the room in an ergonomic fashion.two sinks near the bathtub in US bathroom
  • Two sinks installed against each other introduce symmetry to the bathroom. Keep in mind, the distance between them should be sufficient for two persons to stand back to back comfortably.
  • If the spaciousness of the room permits, the sinks can be positioned near each other and parallel to the bathtub.sinks near each other and parallel to the bathtub
  • Installing the sinks on both sides of the bathtub, you ensure convenient access to the latter. The persons using the washbowls will not be in each other’s way; both will enjoy a decent amount of personal space. However, such an arrangement of sinkers is possible only if the bathroom is fairly large.

The shower stand.

In the classic style, the shower stand is usually a small space (as a rule, in a corner of the bathroom) limited by the walls and transparent or matted glass partitions. While the glass elements prevent encumbrance of the space, the surfaces of the shower stand and near the bathtub should be finished within one palette, which will create a harmonious and balanced appearance.shower stand- classic style bathroom in USA

In a small bathroom, US homeowners are sometimes forced to refuse from a bathtub and confine themselves to a shower cubicle only. With a cold color scheme and modern decorative items, an elegant classic atmosphere can be instilled in such an interior.

Cabining off the shower stand and the bathtub with a single glass partition is another interesting idea of organizing the bathing area. It’s a rational and versatile arrangement of fixtures, which enables you to use the bathtub and the shower within one small space that can be visually expanded with the help of mirrors.shower stand and the bathtub with a single glass partition

The furniture.

An average bathroom in an urban apartment is often too small to accommodate any furniture in addition to the plumbing fixtures. However, in private houses, suburban cottages and large flats, there’s enough space to fit in not only the necessary storage units, but also a couple arm-chairs and vanity tables.

  • Transforming the space under the sink into a drawing unit, you’ll obtain a small storage for the essential bathroom supplies, while also hiding away the pipes and other ugly utilities.
  • Sometimes the bathroom happens to be so large that the homeowner is free to arrange a whole set of storage furniture with built-in sinks and a vanity table with a mirror.
  • A finishing touch for a large bathroom is a pair soft armchairs with thick textile covers. To clean these soft pieces, you’ll just need to remove the covers and put them into the washing machine. In return, the armchairs will impart your bathroom with a relaxing atmosphere of a day spa.soft armchair in classic bathroom
  • If your home boasts of a really huge bathroom area (so that there’s much space left after all the soft and cabinet-type furniture is arranged), think about the option of installing a fireplace. It’s a bold royal-scope designer’s idea, but you’ll obtain incredible emotions watching the dancing flames while having a bubble bath.classic bathroom with fireplace

The color palette.

The color white and pastel tones are the absolute favorites of classic bathroom designs. The light color scheme facilitates complete relaxation and sets you for recreation and privacy. Light-colored surfaces are also able to broaden the space visually, while forming harmonious matches with contrasting dark interior items. Against snow-white walls, dark wooden furniture will appear eye-catching and trim.

Bold palettes aren’t alien to the classic style, though. Restrained and elegant color combinations with a bright tone playing the major role are able to create positive, comfortable surroundings.

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