Black And White Bathroom Ideas

The black and white (B&W) color scheme has retained its relevance for decades. A bathroom interior finished and furnished using this color combination invariably appears expensive, luxurious and elegant. A great virtue of this solution is its suitability for both small and spacious bathrooms. If you manage to create a proper proportion of the two colors, in addition to a fashionable and stylish interior, you’ll obtain a beautiful relaxation zone within your US home.

Black And White Solutions For Small Bathrooms.

The wall panels, floors and ceiling often feature a white finishing in moderately-sized bathrooms, as this allows to avoid visually narrowing the already small space. Such an approach makes your bathroom appear more spacious and bright. Lining every walls perimeter with a row of black tiles is the solution to be avoided, as the room instantly shrinks from such a finishing idea. To visually increase the bathroom’s spaciousness, consider the idea of finishing the opposite walls in contrast colors (i.e. white transverse walls and black longitudinal walls).black & white in a small US bathroom

The ceiling will appear higher if you introduce vertical lines and stripes of differently colored or ornamented tiles in the wall finishing. This solution is always successful, no matter what ornament or color you choose for the vertical accents.vertical lines in a small b&w bathroom

As for the flooring, simple geometric figures work fine; alternatively, you may adorn the white tile floor with a black floor mat, which will emphasize the design concept. However, the most favorable floor solution for a small B&W bathroom is the grand master one – that is, a tiling surface imitating a checker board.Decorating your small B&W bathroom in USA

Decorating your small B&W bathroom,consider using special stickers for tiling surfaces, which will introduce a drop of color if you think the interior turned out a bit boring or bleak. You may also complement the interior with a few colorful accents, such as towels and textiles of bright, juicy tones (red, yellow, orange, green). An ornamental plant will do a great job at cheering up the interior.

Black And White Ideas For Spacious Bathrooms.

The Black and White color palette is perfect for large and spacious bathrooms; moreover, the extra roominess allows for numerous design variants within the selected color concept.

An interesting wall finishing solution is to apply black colors to three of them, leaving the remaining one white. The wall located opposite to the door can be decorated with floral ornaments with the use of stickers or tiles of the corresponding design.Black And White Ideas For Spacious Bathroom

The ceiling should remain white even in a spacious bathroom; however, the floor will only benefit from the color of darkness. It’s appropriate to employ black and white ornaments within the flooring. For outlining the perimeter, designers suggest tiles of black, silver or gray tones. An interesting solution is to include the same type of tiles in the wall finishing.

The perfect decoration and one of the main focal point of a spacious B&W bathroom may be a shaggy snow-white carpet. It’s also possible to refuse from employing carpets or rugs; thus, you will let the the glossy surface of the floor tiles reflect the lighting fixtures beautifully. As for the plumbing fixtures, black or milk-white are the foolproof color choices.Black and white perfect decoration in spacious bathroom

Designers’ Recommendations For B&W Bathrooms.

  1. White must prevail in the interior if your bathroom is small or tiny; if space is in good supply, black may be may be dominant in a big bathroom
  2. Avoid using great amounts of bathroom tiles adorned with ornaments; otherwise, even a spacious interior may appear cluttered and cumbersome.
  3. Place mirrors or bathroom cabinets with mirror doors in such a way that they don’t reflect a black wall.
  4. Small B&W bathrooms require an abundance of lighting, while a spacious interior allows the designer to highlight or subdue certain zones.
  5. For bright accents, the following colors are the most favorable: red, gray, beige, and green.bright accents in black and white bathrooms
  6. Maintain the selected style throughout the interior, and have a sense of moderation in adding adornments and decorative elements.

Original Black And White Bathroom Ideas.

  1. On a plain white tile wall, introduce a stripe of white tiles with a fanciful ornament. This solution also works the other way around: a black wall will only benefit from a section of tiles showcasing a white ornament. Such a simple trick adds a bit of elegance and sophistication to the solid color wall. However, only moderately sized sections of ornamented tiles are welcome, as mottling and gaudiness are frowned upon in modern USA and UK homes.ornamented tiles in black and white bathrooms
  2. A B&W bathroom interior greatly benefits from the presence of glass elements. Opt for glass partitions, a glass shower cabin and various glass shelves. Alternatively, have a look at transparent, semi-transparent and opaque plastic options if you fear a glass element might shutter.
  3. Modern design approaches often introduce uncharacteristic elements into bathroom interiors – such as flowers and ornamental plants, candles, paintings, black-and-white photographs, etc. A high-tech B&W bathroom may also accommodate a variety of electronic devices: temperature sensors, LCD displays with changing images, a TV, a music center, a shower with LED lights, and other interesting gadgets.A high-tech black and white bathroom in USA
  4. From the visual perception standpoint, USA and UK designers consider black floor and white walls to be the most favorable solution. As a rule, the idea is complemented with shiny black varnished furniture and crisp-white plumbing fixtures.
  5. Vintage styles are the pinnacle of fashion nowadays. Complement your black and white bathroom with semi-antique lighting fixtures, and add a thick carved frame to the mirror, which will create a contrast to the overall background. Opt for furniture and the bathtub with curved metal legs and handles. The interior can successfully employ wrought elements (door handles, towel holders, mirror frames, candle holders, etc.).Vintage styles- black and white bathrooms

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  2. Fashion designer Neil Barrett’s master bathroom is proof that black and white doesn’t have to be boring. Thanks to the walls and flooring in Carrara marble, along with sinks by Ideal Standard, and a bamboo chair by R Y Augousti, the space is a lesson in design.

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