Bathroom tiles ideas and designs in 2020

Bathroom is the most visited and beloved room in the US house. It is a place to get privacy and relaxation after a hard-working day. The desire of every woman to create her special own atmosphere of the bathroom, but many turn to designers to choose the suitable style. Usually much of it is reached due to the usage of tiles. They play a great role in bathroom appearance creating an airy, natural and blooming view. Their main benefits are a great look and being long-lasting, hence many people choose it as the best finishing of the walls, floors or even ceilings. The number of bathroom styles varies from eclectic or traditional to romantic and contemporary ones. Though there are different tiles types for bathrooms available including ceramics, travertine, natural stone, porcelain and marble ones. Perfect tiling creates various kinds of effects and is greatly appreciated nowadays. It comes in the diversity of colors, but you should devote some time to create a desirable ambience of the bathroom.bathroom tiles trends USA 2020

There are several main rules worth following: decide whether a single tile type would be chosen or its combination or if the whole bathroom would be tiled or just its part, consider the maintenance and the cost of it, its safety and the dimensional view to get a pleasant look. Choosing tiles for bathrooms Tile is a material varying in price because of the material, manufacturer, size or design. It can fit any budget and design scheme. Attention should be paid to required maintenance, the same batch of the pack, suitable light or dark grout, its durability, waterproofing, ease of cleaning, safety, slip-resistance and many other different factors.

There are some peculiarities to be considered when choosing tiles: the style of furniture and the whole house – color of paint – the type and color of furniture and accessories of a bathroom.

Design Ideas and trends of the tile bathroom design.

  1. The color of tiles is a very important aspect as it defines the space and the mood of the room. A calm, but cheerful atmosphere can be created using pastel and pale shades with several bright accents.
  2.  In case of a small bathroom an airy feeling of space and the impression of open area can be reached using lights, light-colored ceramics and a couple of wall mirrors placed correctly in the room.Tiles in a small US bathroom 2020 Another aspect is a few dark tiles used for accent. Some US designers suggest its diagonal fitting as an alternative to the habitual installation for a small area to look much bigger.
  3. Large spaces in the bathrooms let you splurge your creativity. The larger the bathroom, the bigger tile can be bought. Also you can blend colors, patterns or shapes creating some spectacular focal points using splendid murals or colorful tiles. They can be placed on the walls, in the area of a shower or counter-tops, the middle of regular tiles or changing their places between each other.tiles-in-large-bathroom
  4.  The usage of single-colored tiles in the entire room can be diversified by different sizes, a border made of contract-colored tiles or location (horizontal, vertical and diagonal).
  5. Shower area is an enclosed space so it is separated from the rest one choosing a different pattern or a vivid color. If to speak about floor tiling, the similar pattern to that on the wall should be used. In case there is a cold climate in the area, where you live, it will be a better variant to have warm-colored tiles especially with radiant heating underneath.
  6. Another possibility to make your bathroom unique is a tile texture, leathery or metallic for example, with some shading. Lighter colors have a better look on the walls, while darker ones are on the floor. A good look also can be reached installing one or several vertical and horizontal bands of darker color tiles. The area behind the sink can be highlighted with differently-colored tile or mosaic as well. The most used size is 12 inches by 12 inches.

Winning combinations There is a number of fashionable US designs which can impress everyone:

  • Red mosaic tiles or red and black mosaic patterns.Red and black mosaic in bathroom
  • Luxury metallic mosaic tiles.
  • Smoke gray horizontal tiling creating a smart interior.
  • Egyptian Tiling using diamond patterns.
  • Indian look with blossoming decorative flowers on the floor.
  • Flooring sand or beach inspiration tile.beach inspiration tile
  • Simple and sober tiling.
  • Curves or wave bathroom tiles idea etc.wave bathroom tiles idea

A marvelous bathroom is created with the help of a designer or without it. Everyone can look through the magazines, advertisements and some brochures to find an interesting set-up. Do not be afraid to let your imagination obtain a free rein and find suitable colors, patterns and styles! If you cannot make up your mind, the most suitable way out is seeking experts opinion before choosing the necessary tiles. It is the material, choosing of which should not result in any hesitation being the most effective and universal of all other bathroom interior decorations.

Get inspired by Get inspired by these 122 bathroom tile ideas on Pinterest.

  1. As trends turn towards warmer, earth tones, the bathroom is heading in that direction by shunning white marble in favor of stones with warmer hues like travertine and limestone. In this bathroom, we paired a warm travertine floor with lots of luxurious fabric. We see these stones taking over from the all-white marble bath for the foreseeable future.

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