Bathroom Lighting ideas

Many people ignore the importance of lighting in their apartments, especially in bathrooms. But if you know how and where to lighten, you can work wonders indeed, for example, to enlarge the room or to make it look ritzy.

Talking about lighting in the bathroom, designers point up three kinds of lighting:

  1. Ambient (also known as general).
  2. Task.
  3. Accent

In many apartments ambient lighting is the only lighting in the room. But if you want your bathroom to be both stylish and functional, try to mix several kinds of lighting. Thus you will make your room look extremely different.kinds of lighting Bathroom

Ambient luminance

In bathroom general lighting is usually realized in ceiling lamp. Sometimes it is a light fixture attached to the wall. But everything depends on the room size. If the space is enough, the number of fixtures can vary.Ambient luminance in Bathroom

No matter how small your bathroom is, but if the bath is divided from the rest space with a curtain or screen, there would be rather dark. Place one more lamp straight above the tub.lamp straight above the tub

Spotlighting is widely used now. It is mounted into the floating ceiling panels and gives steady light for the whole room. It is better to choose built-in lighting fixtures with regulated turning angle. Thus you will be able to direct the beams of light.Spotlighting in bathroom

Task luminance

There are some places in the bathroom which need additional lighting, for example mirror above washstand. It is very important to have shadow-free lighting there, because it is a place where you make up, shave and perform other grooming tasks.

There are certain rules how to make proper task lighting. It should be mounted on both sides of the mirror. In this way the light will not fall from above and there will be no unnecessary shadows on the face.illumination of a mirror in a bathroom

If you opt for fixtures on pliant hangers, you will be able to change light beam direction as it thinks fit.

Accent local luminance

Accent lighting usually performs no practical function. It serves as a decoration element. This kind of illumination is used to draw attention to a particular part of interior, to highlight unique design features, tile texture and so on.

Highlighting creates special atmosphere in your bathroom, making it classy and inimitable. Floor lighting is a kind of accent one. Pedestals, niches, bath edging are decorated with built-in fixtures and LED strips. For this purpose fixtures should be waterproof and firm, similar to those used for lighting of garden paths. For creating unusual illumination you can use lightbulbs of different colors.Accent lighting in a bathroom

The challenge is to search out the best variant combining three types of lighting which will go together and harmonize with the whole interior of the bathroom.

Some tips on illumination in bathroom

If you are eager to brighten up your bathroom with minimum expense, you can use self-made torchs from glazy tins. Just make small apertures in them and put candles inside. These decorative flashlights are mobile and you can place them everywhere, playing with light.

You can make your shower look terrific if there will be colorful illumination. The source of illumination is mounted into the sprinkler, therefore the water running seems to be into the sprinkler

There is a trend to mount illumination onto the bath bottom. It looks fabulous, but such illumination is rather expensive. You can emphasize your tub with light fixtures placed around its perimeter. One more variant is to hang a beautiful chandelier from the ceiling.illumination onto the bath bottom

Just allow fancy to play round, do not hesitate to experiment with light and you will alter your bathroom beyond recognition. And don’t forget about safety. All lamps should be protected from direct contact with moisture, and all metallic details are to be tied to ground.

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