Bathroom ideas for girls and ladies

A contemporary bathroom intended for a woman – what is it like? In this article, we’ll try to answer the question with three different stylish ideas for a lady, a princess and a businesswoman.

Provence bathroom for a lady.

Provence is a French-fashion reiteration of the style Country. It implies elegant simplicity and enshrouding coziness, referring to the peasant landscapes of lavender meadows. After its dominance in 2015, the style often shines out in 2021 projects of USA designers. For your bathroom interior to ring the Provence melody, observe one principle: combine ascetic finishing with coquettish accessories.Provence Bathroom For A Lady Below are a few other ideas to turn your bathroom into a Provence lady’s powder room.

  1. Walls. Don’t emphasize the walls with eye-catching finishing. Painting them with fresh pastel colors – such as beige, milk-white, white, terracotta, ocher or sea green – is an appropriate solution. Another suitable idea is to cover the walls with wooden lining or decorative water-resistant plaster-work.
  2. Plumbing fixtures. Decorative chrome-plated elements and pretentious baroque accessories will help instill the desired atmosphere. The washbowl should be either oval or of some unconventional shape (oyster shell, etc.). A wrought console table supporting the sink will strengthen the overall impression.women bathroom interior in the Provence style
  3. Wrought metal elements. Their presence is a distinctive feature of any Provence-inspired interior. You’ll beautifully underline the elegant French style of you bathroom with the help of a wrought chandelier, wrought accessories in bathroom fixtures, a mirror in a delicate-looking metal frame, and furniture on wrought legs. The perfection of the rural chic is a cast iron bathtub on fanciful wrought legs. If your bathroom’s spaciousness permits, complement the picture with a wrought chair or bench.
  4. Furniture. Light-colored wooden furniture decorated by means of artificial aging and decoupage represents another attribute of Provence bathroom interiors. Small wonder, as the style gravitates toward rough surfaces and natural materials.
  5. Decorations. To emphasize the rural charm of your bathroom and to bring it to the level of elegant chic, you may employ:
    • rough linen towels;
    • floral ornaments;
    • embroidery;
    • earthenware cups;
    • retro-style porcelain jars;
    • floor rags of natural materials;
    • a wicker basket for laundry;
    • handmade soap pieces;
    • bough-pots.Decoration of women bathroom in the Provence style

Shabby Chic Bathroom for a princess.

Shabby Chic is gaining popularity along with Provence, being a decent completion to the latter in terms of ladylike romantic character. The name speaks for itself – correspondingly, the style prefers shabby vintage – or at least artificially aged – interior items. Let us slice and dice it into loud and simple bits:

  1. Color scheme. The primal rule of Shabby Chic includes two clauses: flowing lines and “delicious” colors. Opt for a calm, romantic, gentle palette: cream-white, chocolate, caramel, cherry red, dried rose pink, etc. The transition from one color to another should always be smooth, with contrasts barely allowed.
  2. Fairy atmosphere. Such a bathroom is a part of a princess’ home, which implies the appropriate finishing variations. Stucco moldings, leaf-gold and bronze powder will help instill the ambiance.Shabby chic bathroom for a girl
  3.  Coincidences with Provence. Wall-adjacent sink on a console table with elegant legs, a cast iron bathtub on “Victorian” lion paws – you may borrow these bathroom interior elements from Provence. Generally, the style in question has much in common with the above-described one. However, Shabby Chic has nothing to do with rural motifs; it strives for unobtrusive luxury powdered with a bit of antiquity dust.
  4. Aged surfaces. A bold idea is to complement you bathroom with slightly rusty surfaces, furniture pieces with peeling paint or wood items that look as if corroded by bugs. Add the “shabby chic” to new furniture with the help of acrylic paints, sand cloth and decoupage applications. Also, the style allows for some eclecticism and combines well with elements of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Baroque.
  5. Decorations. Same as Provence, this style manifests itself in small things. It is a truly great idea to pick up accessories that appear as if found in your granny’s attic. To create a proper decorative layer, you may employ:
    • porcelain figurines of angel boys with puffed cheeks;
    • towels and rugs with a fine pattern;
    • towel hooks shaped as small roses;
    • handmade soap shaped as flowers;
    • mirrors in wreathed frames.princess

Home Beauty Spa For A Businesswoman

The newly developed Spa style allows you to create a personal relaxation chamber, taking advantage of the recent trends in bathroom design in the United States: natural materials and cutting-edge plumbing fixtures of laconic shapes.

  1. Colors and materials. Beige, brown, subdued green and gray tones will bring you to a calm, serene disposition. Bamboo and stone employed across the interior are meant to highlight the affinity to nature.Home Beauty Spa for a businesswoman- USA trends
  2. Plumbing fixtures. A bathtub sunken into the floor is a distinctive feature of the Spa style. Have a close look at bathroom fixtures with extended functionality: hydro-massage tubs, Jacuzzi tubs, mini-pools, etc. In a spacious bathroom, a shower stand and a Finnish bath are appropriate.
  3. Soothing sensations. Everything you touch while in the bathroom should be delightful to touch: heated floor, a high-pile carpet, velvet-soft towels, etc.
  4. Decorations. Perfect accessories to underscore the overall design concept are:
    • sea salt in glass jars;
    • beauty care supplies on glass shelves and in wicker baskets;
    • decorative pebble;
    • sea shells;
    • incense sticks;
    • aromatherapy candles.Decorations in home beauty spa for a businesswoman

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