Bathroom Ideas In Grey

Grey is almost as dramatic as black, only less gloomy. The colour’s almost as laconic as white, only less prone to staining. Versatile and flexible, grey gets along famously with other tones and conforms to any surroundings easily. It’s chaste, respectable and princely, while also gentle, unpretentious and meek. The main thing about grey is that it appears featly in any room of your home. Whatever the style, grey is welcome in scarce or abundance. This article will consider possible applications of the colour grey in bathroom interiors.

Bathroom Ideas Using Grey Tiles

Grey tiles reflect sunlight beautifully, creating a noble shine. If your bathroom is not devoid of windows, it’s safe to use grey tiles. Such a room will appear elegant and sophisticated. Grey tiles may be made to imitate marble, concrete, stone or grey wood.Bathroom Ideas Using Grey Tiles The colour’s versatility allows manufacturers to produce tiles imitating any of these materials. It’s not a challenge to find grey tiles of any shade: from bleached to almost black. Sometimes USA and UK manufacturers offer designer collections of tiles of well-combinable tones of grey.

Grey tile-work is often found in bathrooms styled in accordance with the principles of:

  • European Minimalism;
  • Loft;
  • Art Deco;
  • Contemporary Classics.

Grey associates with metal, which is why chrome-plated elements are the recommendable choice for a bathroom interior finished with grey tiles. These may be combination faucets in the sink and tub, hooks and racks, door handles, towel dryers, toothbrush holders, elements in bathroom Any decorative elements distinguished by cold pearl lustre fit perfectly into a bathroom interior dominated by grey tiles.

Bathroom Ideas: Grey Floor

Classic dark grey floor tiles are the foundation of many splendid contemporary bathroom interiors. In this part of your home, grey will appear fresher and more stylish than perfect black options.

Grey floor combines handsomely with white bathroom fixtures.Grey floor with white bathroom fixtures When choosing the furniture, don’t limit yourself to black and white. Wooden furniture, including exotic options, such as wenge or zebrano, match grey bathroom floors perfectly – as well as more ordinary variants, such as whitewood. Grey tiles on the floor welcome insertions of darker shades of grey or black. If you’ve included several grey tones into the bathroom palette, always finish the floor with the darker one.

Bathroom Ideas: Grey Walls

Grey walls in the bathroom may imply several finishing methods:

  1. grey ceramic tiles;
  2. grey decorative plasterwork;
  3. grey paint.

Choice of the shade depends on the size of the room. Dark tones will make it smaller, while with pale grey the bathroom will look more spacious after the home renovation.pale grey in small bathroom The presence of saturated shades (anthracite, carbon, charcoal) needs careful dosing, if your bathroom isn’t really huge. Best apply it to the accent wall only. For walls in small and tiny bathrooms, warmer and lighter shades will suit best, including:

  • steel;
  • dust grey;
  • silver;
  • lead;
  • mousy;
  • slate-grey;
  • sage;
  • feldgrau.

Important note: Grey walls are notorious for putting a false colour on the reflection you see in the mirror. If you intend to spend much time beautifying yourself, make sure that neutral white or warm beige surrounds the mirror area – otherwise your complexion will seem unhealthy to you.

Bathroom Ideas: Grey And White

White will form an expensive-looking combination with shades of grey such as graphite, lead, steel, charcoal or anthracite. At first glance, the marriage of grey and white has an aura of conventional conservatism about it; however, with proper proportioning of colours, it results in an interior design masterpiece. For a hi-tech or minimalist bathroom interior, such a colour scheme is a real catch.Bathroom Ideas: Grey And White

White appears strong and active against a background of grey. It should dominate, although the two colours belong to the same palette and have similar impact on room occupants. Give the floor to grey, but limit its presence on the walls to about forty percent, so that the bathroom will appear fresher and lighter. To freshen up the scheme even more, you may use spots of pale green or pink. Employ bright colourful accessories to place accents and create an inimitable style.

Bathroom Ideas: Grey And Black

Perfect black is not to be encountered in nature, they say; what we believe to be black is usually a dark shade of grey. That’s why these two colour are such good neighbors. Same as the black and white combination, the black and grey colour scheme is believed to be classic.

A monochromatic grey and black bathroom interior requires special lighting conditions, especially if you’ve chosen a dark tone of grey. The more light, the better. In such a “brutal” bathroom, insertions of light colours are extremely necessary.A monochromatic grey and black bathroom interior White is certainly appropriate in the colour scheme, as it combines perfectly with both colours. Traditional lily-white plumbing fixtures are a win-win choice. They’ll create a favorable contrast and add up a portion of light and freshness. Bright decorative elements in red, yellow or light blue are also welcome in a grey/black bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas: Grey And Yellow

Yellow combines with grey well only when the latter plays the unquestionably dominant role. Such a solution results in the illusion of plashes of sunlight, which enlivens the bathroom interior. Exploit grey in wall finishing and use bright yellow for accents – such as lighting fixtures, furniture pieces or decorative items.Bathroom Ideas: Grey And Yellow

Blue is an appropriate companion of the grey/yellow duet. Dark grey floor, light grey and yellow walls, and navy accents form a harmonious bathroom interior. Yellow will prettify the grey wall finishing and lend expressiveness to the dark blue elements.

  1. White and grey bathroom designs provide opportunity for high contrast areas, like this white shower area that glows like a lightbox at the end of a fully grey room.

  2. White and grey bathroom designs provide opportunity for high contrast areas, like this white shower area that glows like a lightbox at the end of a fully grey room.

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