Bathroom with fireplace ideas

Fire and water are the two elements that unalterably enthrall people. Why not add a spark to the bathroom interior, to this domain of water within your US home? The resulting combination will certainly give you the feeling of royal harmony and comfort.

Fireplaces designed for bathrooms are distinguished with restrained, often minimalist design and contemporary aesthetics. Some models are suitable only for huge interiors; others can be fitted into a moderate-size space without encumbering the bathroom or the adjacent rooms.

Types Of Fireplaces Suitable For The Bathroom.

  1. The classic floor-standing wood-burning fireplace is the perfect solution for a bathroom in a private cottage. Its aesthetic properties are appreciated more than those of other types. A fireplace that burns logs will provide a significant amount of heat for your bathroom. To protect the floor finishing from sparks and embers, the wood-burning fireplace is fitted with a transparent screen. Sometimes the floor area in front of the hearth is patched with a fireproof material. To exploit a hearth of this type, you’ll need a range of accessories, from the poker to the wood rack for logs. Therefore, such a unit is suitable only for really spacious bathrooms.classic wood-burning fireplace in the US bathroom
  2. Wall-mounted wood-burning fireplaces provide an equal amount of aesthetic pleasure and heat. In comparison with the floor-standing type, wall fireplaces are less cumbersome, being installed inside the wall for the greater part.Wall-mounted wood-burning fireplace in the bathroom
  3. Gas and electric fireplaces are the most compact and lightweight. Either of them can be imparted the luxurious appearance with the help of decorative materials. A marble or granite mantel works best for this purpose.Gas fireplace in the bathroom
  4. Faux (purely decorative) fireplaces do not emit heat. They can be designed to resemble any of the above types. The models coming with the effect of realistic flames are the most popular. Installing such a decorative hearth, you need not to worry about connecting it to electric or gas lines, about buying wood logs and cleaning the ashes. Whenever you want to, you can set your eye to rest on the real-looking flames, while taking a relaxing bath.Purely decorative fireplace in the bathroom

Popular Ideas Of Positioning The Fireplace In Bathrooms.

  • Idea 1. The bathtub is placed nearby the fireplace. This solution is excellent for floor-standing fireplaces that radiate heat. You’ll find it extremely lulling and soothing to lie back in hot water and feel the flow of hot air coming from the fireplace over your face.bathtub is placed nearby the fireplace
  • Idea 2. There’s a distance between the bathtub and the fireplace. Such an arrangement works perfectly with hearths that display real or real-looking flames. You’ll experience a state of admiration watching them dance and leap.
  • Idea 3. A two-sided fireplace. This is a 2-in-1 solution, which allows you to adorn two rooms of your home with the help of a single fireplace unit. The idea works only with large wood-burning fireplaces. The most popular schemes of arranging the double hearth are “bathroom – bedroom” and “bathroom – living room.” The fireplace does not necessary need to have identical appearances on both sides. For instance, you can have a classic marble mantel in the living room and a rustic wrought mantel in the bathroom.two-sided fireplace in the bathroom
  • Idea 4. A corner fireplace. Symmetrical corner hearth are often employed in a bathroom interior as its focal point. Asymmetric units function as a tool for zoning a large space up.A corner fireplace in the US bathroom

Decorating The Bathroom Fireplace.

  • Mirrors. This idea appears the most beautiful when combined with fireplaces that have a large mantel and a shelf. Make sure the fireplace mantel and the mirror’s frame share a similar design. In modern interiors, many USA and UK designers employ a mirror in an elaborated frame to complement an unpretentiously decorated hearth. Mirrors as a way of adorning the bathroom fireplace are often employed in Provence, baroque or country interiors.
    • A large mirror is hanged on the wall so that its lower frame line coincides with the fireplace shelf. Preferable are horizontally asymmetric pieces, which are rectangular in lower part and rounded in the upper part. Such a decorative trick will give the fireplace area an accomplished appearance.Mirrors as a way of adorning the UK bathroom fireplace
    • A small mirror is hanged somewhat higher, at a distance from the fireplace mantel. As recommended by designers, its frame should be sculptural or unusually shaped.small mirror as a way of adorning the bathroom fireplace
  • Table lamps. A fireplace with a huge mantel and a broad shelf can be decorated with a couple of classic-style table lamps that have round cloth or paper lampshades. Such a solution introduces the sense of symmetry and harmony, especially if the ceiling chandelier and the wall lamps across the bathroom interior are matching in color and design. The idea is particularly suitable for classic bathroom interiors.
  • Pictures, paintings. They’re mostly employed to finish off the hearth area in modern interiors with fireplaces of contemporary rather than classic appearance, or to balance up a narrow corner unit. Minimalist and hi-tech bathrooms allow only for subdued abstract pictures in plain frames, while classic interiors welcome paintings of seascapes.Decorating the US bathroom fireplace- pictures, paintings
  • Figurines, small sculptures. While a fireplace with angels or dolls standing on its shelf is appropriate in a tender Provence bathroom, a hearth in an interior inspired by industrial motifs would benefit from small metal pieces of the sculptural art.Decorating the bathroom fireplace- figurines and small sculptures
  • Books. If you enjoy reading during a bubble bath, you may transform the fireplace shelf into a bookshelf, which will accommodate your favorite volumes of novels and poetry.

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