Top 12 Bathroom Trends of 2020

Not so long ago the most of homeowners in USA and UK ordered the designer preferred a neutral color palette for their bathrooms. Nowadays, however, among those who are planning to repair or reconstruct their bathroom, there will always be some creative people. During recent years the interiors of bathrooms has begun to present much more personality. For those who are not afraid to use rather bright colors in their houses it is recommended to use bizarre forms of modern interior design and home decorating in 2020.

Trend №1. The “metro” tiles – classics from a new point of view

The “metro” tiles had appeared by the beginning of the 20th century during the Art Nouveau period. Even nowadays on the walls of subway in USA and UK you can often see the straight blocks of tiles.Metro tiles in bathroom US design The “metro” tiles may have different size, complexity and material quality. This type of bathroom wall covering is a universal option which is the accurate and smart way to protect all the vertical surfaces of a bath or a shower from the constantly leaking water. It is perfectly combined with different other types of home decorating and it fits any style of the room. If the tiles are performed with beveled edges, it may give a look of a textured masonry. Try deep, rich color for your bathroom in modern style to become sort of a key point of the home. The original fresco may complete an unusual image of your bathroom room.

Trend №2. Mosaic is always in vogue

No matter that thousands of years has passed – humanity still uses the mosaic type of decoration of their homes. Mosaic tiles may be neutral and relaxed, but they can also be bright, vibrant and very emotional. Be brave enough to create the underwater world in your bathroom – even the periscopes may be available.Mosaic in US design of a bathroom- underwater world 2020 Mosaic elements on the bathroom walls may be so realistic, that it will be difficult to establish the real size of the room. Mosaic tiles can be also used as floor covering. Variety of forms, geometries and deep colors create the very individual image of the bathroom.

Trend №3. No tiles in the bathroom is not a myth

The latest tendency in the US interior design is the replacement of ceramic tiles for bathrooms with other modern, more Eco-friendly materials. Porcelain is still possible to see on the floor a modern bathroom, however, it is quite often replaced by rude, but still beautiful Eco-friendly materials. As if a rule, such bathroom design is rather simple and laconic, it is usually performed with neutral color scheme.

Trend №4. Brick wall style (loft-like style)

The real brick masonry is rather uncommon to be seen in the bathroom. Concrete surfaces for modern bathrooms are only slightly diluted with natural stone. The clear marble looks great on a grayish background, it may have interesting decorative elements completing the image of your bathroom.Brick Wall In The Bathroom in 2020

Trend №5. Concrete surfaces

This grayish realm of concrete is familiar for us since the time we used to visit the old laundry. Usually such kind of a design is chosen for homes performed in the loft-like style. The peculiarities of the space may allow you to use an individual style of your own playing with stone a little bit.Concrete surfaces in bathroom in USA

Trend №6. An accent wall

The bright accent wall together with a fireplace and an old fashioned mirror in the carved frame – it all seems to be the living room, not a bath. But don’t be afraid of luxury! A carved chair may add a finishing touch for your “living-room styled” bathroom. The lack of tiles and stone also brings us the completely new look.“living-room styled” bathroom in USA

Trend №7. Stone tiles on the floor

The bathroom interior performed with pastel shaded stone tiles on the floor will be quite a perfection if combined with the small cozy wooden benches.Stones on the bathroom floor

Trend №8. Timber and stone are always perfect together

Using timber and stone for finishing the surfaces of your bathroom helps to create an a very special atmosphere close to the natural environment. Huge panoramic windows may blur the line between the external environment and the interior design of your bathroom. Only a couple of wooden details in a modern bathroom may change not only the whole look, but also – if you like! – the personality of the room.Timber and stone in the bathroom 2020

Trend №9. Colored tiles for modern bathroom

Among the ceramic tiles lovers there are homeowners who prefer to bring a bit of brightness in the bathroom and not to limit the imagination. Dazzling pattern tiles are able to cheer up even the most traditional and modest bathrooms. Starting another day in such a situation is very nice and positive.

Trend №10. The oriental vibe

The very bright ceramic tiles reminding of bazaars become a very popular accent element in the modern US interior design, they give a room a hot temper and a very special mood. Despite the calm shades, the interior like this always looks bright and unusual, filled with smart combinations of colors.The oriental vibe in the bathroom

Trend №11. Snake scales

Textured tiles reminding of snake scales has become the highlight of modern US design. The surface elements of the room seem to flow smoothly into each other, surprisingly transforming the space of the room thanks to their forms and textures.Textured tiles reminding of snake scales in bathroom

Trend №12. Focusing on the curtains

Just one simple item with an active coloring may totally change your bathroom giving it the optimism and positivity. The curtains around the shower may become a key element of your interior design and create a unique atmosphere.

The 9 Best 2020 Bathroom Trends We Wish We Had Right Now.

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