The Jacuzzi tub is not just an article of status and indicator of luxury. The hydro massage pool is extremely useful and functional bathroom fixture that makes it sheer pleasure to come home and relax after a long hard day. The material the tub is made of is what a successful choice of this spa machine depends on:

  • Acrylic tubs are the easiest to install and maintain; they don’t accumulate harmful bacteria and boast of low heat conductivity. Acrylic surfaces do not fade over time, retaining the attractive shining. Jacuzzi tubs of this material are the most affordable. Hint: Purchasing an acrylic hot tub, make sure its surface is uniform and has no darkened spots. The acrylic layer should be 5-7 mm thick (which is especially important for corner models).
  • Cast iron tubs and more difficult to build hydro massage devices into, which affects the end price of the Jacuzzi. Instead, such models are distinguished by high reliability and long service life.
  • Marble is a luxurious, durable and highly decorative material. A marble whirlpool tub instantly fills your bathroom with a special ambiance of royal elegance and charm. Hydro massage tubs made of this eternal material are the priciest, even in the basic configuration.
  • Exclusive models of soaking tubs created by famous USA designer are often made of sophisticated materials, such as tempered glass or precious wood.

Modern bathroom Jacuzzi design ideas.

Spacious bathrooms allow home owners to pay little regard to the tub’s size. The choice of suitable shapes is vast: round, oval and square to modern asymmetric and designer’s structures. You can purchase a romantic whirlpool designed for two persons or a huge hydro-massage pool able to accommodate up to 10 people at a time. However, you should keep in mind the weight of the structure, as multi-person tubs are often made of cast iron, their total weight sometimes reaching a ton.

Hint: If you opt for a single-person tub of compact size, make sure its dimensions are enough for you to get comfortable. Ideally, its depth should exceed 17 inches, while the perfect length is 5-6 feet, depending on your own height. Such dimensions will allow you to enjoy the hydro massage in a convenient posture.

A couple modern Jacuzzi-related design ideas are given below:

  1. Illumination in the Jacuzzi area of the bathroom should be soft and dimmed, which will help you relax in the hot tub. If the structure involves a podium, you may want to decorate it with LED spotlight.
  2. Oriental interiors (in particular, the Japanese style) welcome Jacuzzi tubs more that any other design solution. Pools of semicircular or fan-like shape positioned on a raised floor section suit an oriental bathroom best.
  3. A sauna room with a spacious Jacuzzi tub is a design idea for US owners of suburban cottages to consider.

Small bathroom ideas with Jacuzzi tub.

The spaciousness of your bathroom and generosity of your budget are the main factors to guide your wish of purchasing one of the vast variety of soaking tubs. A Jacuzzi may fit well even into a tiny bathroom in an apartment house. The types suitable for this purpose are listed below:

  • A corner Jacuzzi tub will be appropriate in a small room. The quadrant shape is not only easily accommodated in a small-scale apartment, it also adds up visual spaciousness to the bathroom.
  • Sitting hot tubs are even compacter. They’re tiny Jacuzzi pools where you can obtain your hydro-massage only in a sitting or reclining posture. This type of whirlpool tubs is recommended for persons with disabilities or heart diseases.

Hint: Selecting a Jacuzzi of moderate size, opt for a model in which the nozzles are aimed at the most sensitive parts of the user’s body (neck, feet, lower back).

Below are ideas to help you fit a whirlpool tub into a small bathroom and successfully use it:

  1. Reduction of spare space in the bathroom. Since dimensions of soaking tubs are usually much greater than those of regular bathtubs, you’ll need to adjust your design project taking into account the size of the fixture. For convenient maintenance of the tub, you need to ensure not only free passage to the container, but also the possibility of pulling it 20 inches out.
  2. Multi-stage hydro-therapeutic procedures. Before enjoying a hydro massage session in the Jacuzzi, it’s recommended to take a shower, as the nozzles are easily clogged up to full blockage.
  3. Installation of a separate shower stand. Because of the previous feature, you need a separate shower cubicle to wash yourself before getting into the soaking tub. The latter itself is not suitable for hygienic procedures, as it’s a physiotherapy aggregate, and your body should be clean for the necessary effect to be achieved. If your Jacuzzi has been used as a regular bathtub, you must wash it squeaky-clean and disinfect the inner surface, if possible.
  4. Installation of water-purifying filters. If you desperately lack space for a shower stand, and thus intend to use the whirlpool for having a massage and a wash simultaneously, opt for a tub equipped with a high-performance water purification system. The Jacuzzi nozzles are very sensitive to the purity of water. Ideally, the purification of water should consist of several coarse and fine filters (at least two).

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