The bathroom interior is what you see first thing in the morning before going to work and what forms your spirits for the whole day. This part of your home in the USA should be therefore decorated so that it daily gives you an emotional boost. Some decorating ideas, such as mosaic panel pictures or murals, require elaboration before the home renovation project is complete. But now it’s time to explore the smart opportunities of updating the decorative perception of your bathroom with little time and effort put into the affair.

Quick and easy bathroom wall decorations.

The walls are what catches the eye the moment you enter the bathroom. Neither an expensive-looking washbowl, nor a shiny white bathtub are able to set the tone of the entire interior as well as the walls do. That’s why decorating this part of your bathroom requires a thoughtful approach. It can be done in a good dozen ways, but today we will pay attention to the quickest and easiest options.

1. Pictorial art. If your bathroom is pretty spacious, you may decorate it with a couple pictures that match the style and spirit of the interior. A universal idea is to decorate one of the walls with a painting that depicts a seacoast, a fanciful waterfall or a picturesque mountain lake. The dimensions of your bathroom may be too moderate to fit in a large landscape art, but you might still be able to find a small piece of art that adds up coziness to the room. Make sure the picture’s frame has a glass front to protect the painting from water-involving accidents.

2. Regular and acrylic mirrors of unconventional shape. Recently, professional USA designers have been employing acrylic mirrors more often than regular glass ones. The rationale of this solution is the fact they neither sweat nor shatter. Any shape of acrylic mirrors is available today, so you can do much renovation of your bathroom interior with just a quick replacement of your boring square or oval mirror with an eye-catching one.

3. Wrought iron and carved wooden shelves are another simple and quick idea of renovating the decorative layer of your bathroom interior. The wooden elements may feature inlays; however, such decorative items should be arranged on the wall that is not exposed to water splashes and steam too often.

4. Vinyl interior stickers are the simplest way to redecorate your bathroom in just a couple minutes – and it won’t hit your pocket. Wall tattoos are easy to both apply and remove, so you can update the room as often as you please. Be sure to pick up moisture-resistant items, and read the instruction carefully before proceeding to decorating the walls. An alternative option is using stencils and waterproof paint. This idea is great for creating really unique and inimitable interiors, especially if the homeowner designs the stencils on his own.

Other easy bathroom decorating ideas.

Proper accessories are able to renew the style and charm of your bathroom, transforming a conventional personal hygiene space into an appealing powder room.

1. Bright and eye-catching floor mats. Decorating the bathroom with floor mats is opportune, as many enjoy walking here barefoot. The mats can be rubber, cork, bamboo, acrylic or even knitted. A couple small rugs at the bathtub and in front of the mirror are enough for a room of moderate size, while a large bathroom accepts several mats of different shapes, sizes and patterns. These accessories should match the whole interior harmoniously, since the bathroom space is easily encumbered. Choosing this decoration, keep in mind it will be often exposed to dampness and high humidity. The rugs should be easy to clean or wash, and what’s the most important they must not lose their visual appeal upon contacts with water splashes.

2. Curtains and textiles. Choosing the shower curtain requires as serious an approach as choosing window curtains for the kitchen. In addition to visual attractiveness and decorative effect, the bathroom curtain should be extra-durable, water-repellent and easy to clean. The color of towels and the bathrobe should either match the overall interior palette, or stand in contrast to it. A small wall niche or a faux window offer you an opportunity to employ a window curtain, in case your bathroom lacks a real window aperture. Nothing beats textiles in creating the feeling of homely comfort.

3. Lighting fixtures. An ordinary dome lamp is not a proper way of decorating a room. On the other hand, an interesting arrangement of damp-proof LED spotlights can spark a furor, as you can employ them not only to create the ceiling illumination, but also to highlight the contours of the bathtub, cabinets and other major interior constituents. A spacious bathroom might allow for luxurious chandeliers, if the design style accepts that solution.

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