Balcony Bar design ideas

Approximately two decades ago, a bar was considered the piece of furniture designed only for pubs, cafés, night clubs and restaurants. As of today, it has become a full-fledged and functional interior item that is frequently found in urban apartment projects of USA designers. Many home-owners dream of decorating their kitchen, dining room, living room, or even balcony with this furniture item that embodies freedom and extravagance. It’s functions vary from sipping on a cocktail or a mug of coffee, to having lunch or brunch, to playing tabletop games.Bar on balcony

Placing a bar counter on the balcony is an interesting and unconventional solution. This idea catches fancy of those home-owners who look forward to transforming the limited balcony space into a functional, eye-appealing and unusual extension of the apartment. The newly-installed bar entails new obligations: you will be no longer able to encumber the scarce square feet with useless things or keep this part of your home messy. Instead, you’ll find yourself willing to refine the interior, to make it more stylish. Having done so, you’ll obtain a cozy place where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine in the out-of-doors, alone or with friends.

Practical recommendations.

The first and the most important recommendation is to select the bar counter in compliance with a specific, completely developed balcony designed project. The balcony is a non-standard space, so usually it’s difficult to purchase a ready-made bar that suits your needs. A wiser idea is to custom-order or DIY a counter (however, depending on the project, the latter option may require remarkable carpenter’s skills).Practical recommendations for your balcony bar You need to decide sensibly on the shape, size, material and color of the balcony bar counter. If you responsibly approach the issue at the designing stage, the resulting piece of furniture will gladden your eye for many years.

Choosing the material.

The choice of material the bar counter is made of should be approached wisely and responsibly. It should boast certain qualities, such as:

  • wear resistance;
  • durability;
  • decorative properties;
  • resistance to weather impacts;
  • resistance to mechanical impacts;
  • resistance to cold, heat and moisture.

The choice of material the bar counterAs for the price aspect, the most budget-friendly options are plain wood and wood chipboard. Such choices as metal, glass, precious wood species and natural stone can cost you an arm and a leg. It’s possible to combine materials, skillfully aligning the best properties of each material within one furniture piece. For instance, a stylish idea is to combine chrome-plated metal supports with a bar countertop made of glass, plastic or natural wood.

Corian is a noteworthy material that is often used by modern designers for the finishing of the bar countertop. It’s attractive due to the rich palette of shades and colors, environmental friendliness, and enhanced flexibility, which allows to shape in into baroque curves. The material is made artificially, from mineral filler, color pigment and acrylic fibers. It attracts the attention of USA professional designers due to its an unusual effect of gentle glow that seems to be coming from within. Interesting combinations are created through using Corian in conjunction with glass.Corian with glass for your US balcony bar

Shape and functionality.

The shape and functionality of a balcony bar counter will ultimately define how comfortable you’ll be spending time here. Obviously, unless the balcony is incredibly spacious, you can’t install the desired furniture piece as a island, since such a solution will shamelessly encumber the already restrained space. On the other hand, a straight or corner bar counter placed in adjacency to the wall or window is an idea suitable even for the tiniest balconies.The shape and functionality of a balcony bar

The bar counter is usually installed near the glazed window, so that you and your guests can enjoy the view. If the side walls of your balcony also have glazing, the bar may run along the facade wall and the side wall, or along a part of the facade wall and the side wall. Such a corner solution is intended to save space on a tiny balcony that has three glazed sides. In case the side walls are blank, they become a wonderful place for a few shelves with bar accessories and decorations.

Designing a balcony bar is not limited to a solo countertop. You might need a ton of additional important accessories: shelves, holders, perhaps even a mini-fridge. In addition to bar stools, you can arrange a small comfy couch and a coffee table, if the balcony is roomy enough. See that the material and textures of all the furniture match throughout the balcony interior – it’s a crucial aspect of creating a harmonious lounge area.Designing a balcony bar If your design projects involves transforming a spacious balcony into a cross between a bar and a dining room, think about acquiring a two-level bar counter. It consists of two surface: one may be used as a dining table, the other is higher and serves as the bar counter proper.

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