When the big home renovation is over, leaving you on a tight budget, it’s high time to have a closer look at the cheep and cheerful ideas of uplifting the dwelling. This article reviews a handful of solutions to adorn the balcony space without spending the last pretty penny. According to interior design maitres, pot flowers are a cheap and versatile tool of transforming a balcony with a strict and pragmatic design into an eye-appealing and extensively pleasant chill-out room. You will just need a few pots, some soil and seeds, which is not likely to touch you deeply in your pocket. For artists and collectors of interesting items, USA designers recommend the idea of using the balcony as the exhibition space. This solution is a brick that kills two birds: first, you’ll decorate the balcony in a unique and marvelous fashion; second, you’ll unbox the works or collections of yours. Read below for a more detailed review and recommendations.

Adorning the balcony with ornamental plats.

Pot-plants are the traditional way of decorating the balcony, which usually enables you to make both the interior and the facade distinctive. Despite certain special requirements to keep your balcony flower arrangements blooming, this is one of the cheapest and easiest ideas of enlivening the space. Variants of adorning are numerous; the following types of plants may be employed:

  • Ephemeral and perennial ornamental plant, among which marigolds occupy a place of honor.
  • Dwarf trees, including fructiferous ones that delight the eye with both blossom and fruits.
  • Clambering ornamental plants and vines that climb up the window and intertwine to shield you from the sun.

Options of arranging the ornamental plants are as follows:

  • in ordinary pots on shelves, tables and the windowsill;
  • in cache-pots suspended from the ceiling;
  • in bird’s cages suspended from the ceiling;
  • in the long-popular outdoor flower boxes that are placed outside the balcony space.

Important note: If you’ve set your mind on the idea of decorating the balcony with pot-plants, make sure the lighting conditions are suitable for the growth of the species you’ve selected. Shade-requiring ornamental plants are suitable for a balcony that faces the north, while a south-facing space should be decorated with species that love sunlight and heat.

Two great schemes of arranging potted plants on the balcony.

Deciding to use flowers that satisfy the eye all summer long, opt for species that are well combinable with each other.

  1. The pink and purple scheme. In early summer, your arrangement of ornamental flowers will be based on kiss-me-quick’s and primroses. For a warmer shade of purple, you may add some yellow accents, such as marigolds or calendulas. To prevent your balcony flower garden from fading in late summer, plant some rose geraniums and petunias.
  2. The sky-blue scheme. If you prefer the cool shades of blue over all other colors, you should fill your balcony flowerbeds with species, such as blue primrose, pansies, muscari, hyacinth and viola. Try also veronica (aka “angel-eyes”) – this plant is highly suitable for a balcony garden; it is in blossom up to early August. The mid-summer is time to complement the assortment of flowers with blue and lilac petunias, heliotropes and verbenas.

Awesome balcony decorating ideas for collectors & creative people.

Pieces of art, various handicrafts and collectibles work as perfect decorations of the balcony. If you arrange a display of the items you’ve made with your own hands and talent, your US balcony may become your source of pride, a feather in your bonnet. The best thing about this idea is that it requires minimal or even no new money investments, as you decorate the space with those pieces, which you already own.

  1. Your personal art gallery. If you have a winterized glazed balcony at your disposal and wish to have anything but pot-plants in there, this idea is one of the best choices for you. If you’re a gifted painter, hang the works that make you proud on the balcony walls. If your cup of tea is embroidery, you surely have a dozen of large and picturesque pieces to decorate the balcony. If you’re neither, frame the photographs of your family that represent some sweet memories and stir up your emotions, and arrange them on the walls and on the windowsill. The challenge is that this idea requires you to see about taming the sunlight. Unless you want the paintings or photographs to fade, you’ll need to darken the window glazing or employ a dense curtain – which may also serve as a decent balcony decoration.
  2. A display of your collections. Any big and devoted collector, who is forced to store his precious collectibles in boxes because of the lack of other space, should view the balcony as a perfect opportunity to unbox his or her precious item. It does not actually matter what you collect: whether you’re fond of stamps, coins or even sweetie papers, the balcony is easily transformed into a small exhibition hall where you can bring the guests of your home to showcase the collections of yours. To create the improvised exhibition stands, you’ll need to place shelves and shelving units along every wall. Arrange your collectible pieces or albums in a tidy and orderly manner, so that they gladden the eye.

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