Living room design ideas

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If you are among these happy U. S. homeowners who live in a home with high ceiling, you are probably used to enjoy every moment of staying [...]

Kitchen design ideas

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Kitchen renovation costs in USA are always huge, even though the room size is small. A kitchen is often much more expensive than other [...]

Bedroom design ideas

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Decor choice for a bedroom is the final stage of home renovation in USA. Design of walls, ceiling, windows and doors in the room is only [...]

Bathroom design ideas

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Not so long ago the most of homeowners in USA and UK ordered the designer preferred a neutral color palette for their bathrooms. Nowadays, [...]

Kids room Design Ideas

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Small rooms are difficult to design an interior for, and twice as difficult if a kid’s room is meant. Traditionally, the [...]

Balcony & terrace design ideas

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Most USA and UK dog specialists don’t give straightforward recommendations in regard to the best place to arrange a [...]

Interior design photo gallery

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36 best modern Kitchen designs photos, pictures 2020 from USA and UK designers. №1 (zoom on click) №2 [...]